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Fuji Cam Remote app and getting correct colours to iOS

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Posted 16 October 2017 - 11:52 AM

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When I import pictures using wifi to my iphone from my X-Pro2 or X-T1 by Cam Remote, the colours in the iOS Photos app seem (way) off: a blue/purple hue, slightly underexposed and muted contrast. Prints made via airprint also show this. I strongly suspect an issue with color profiling, but I'm a bit lost at the moment where to look.


Prints via airprint also have the same funky-looking colours (that's the technical term, obviously : )


Imports from SD card to Lightroom (on a properly profiled Mac) look just fine.

If I send LR jpgs to the same iphone via email, they seem just fine.

Conversely, images sent from the iOS Photos app to a decent computer show the same blueish/purplish colour cast.


Camera jpeg settings: Fine, sRGB (also aRGB), DR100, auto WB/Daylight (no WB shift set).

Anyone else spotted this issue? It's driving me nuts....



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