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I have a Fuji x-t10 and a 55-200 lens. I hoped to add 2x tele converter, but found that the fuji converter is not compatible with this lens. Is there a third party that makes a 2x converter for the x-t10 that is compatible with this lens? The Fuji lenses compatible with the Fuji converter aare unfortunately out of my financial league!!


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there are no other autofocus teleconverters and even if there was a non autofocus converter you can’t use auto focus fuji lenses in manual without connection to the camera because they are focus by wire ( I think they all are, even those with a clutch).


Apparently there is a good reason not to have general purpose teleconverters (as opposed to one specially suited to one lens) and that is that there is little to no advantage in terms of resolution.


In other words by using the converter you lose more resolution than you would by cropping.


You could adapt a manual focus lens with an extended range but it would be manual focus. Again, there are no autofocus options yet (aside from Zeiss) with any other lens on Fuji.

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No, it's physically impossible. A teleconverter will protrude inside the lens, which means that there must be enough room between the teleconverter front element and the lens rear element:




The only lenses by Fujifilm that are compatible with a teleconverter are the 100-400mm, the 50-140mm and the 80mm macro. The 55-200, sadly, isn't.


Some third party lenses might also be compatible, like the Samyang 135mm in Fuji X mount.


As far as I know, there is no third party teleconverter available for Fuji (yet), and even it there was, they would have more or less the same shape as Fuji's, due to optical constraints. So I doubt they'd be compatible either.


Also, mounting a teleconverter reduces the amount of light available. For a 55-200, which isn't a very bright lens, a 2x teleconverter would make the lens hardly useful, due to the smaller aperture. Therefore, it wouldn't be a very wise investment.



If you want more reach with your X-T10, and since the 100-400 and 50-140 lenses are not an option, you can try adapting a cheaper lens from another brand. Canon has lots of inexpensive telephoto lenses, as well as Nikon. The only thing is that it won't support autofocus and optical stabilisation (if the lens features it).


I adapted a Nikon 70-300 and the quality was great! However, manual focus can be boring... Cf. http://www.fuji-x-forum.com/topic/5487-fuji-x-t1-x-nikon-70-300/ 

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    • Thank you! This is great news. Fujinon XF 55-200mm f3.5-4.8 R LM OIS has got nice price, and its aperture in the range of 55-80mm is a little faster than on Fujinon XF 16-80mm f4 R OIS WR that I own, but at 200mm it's f4.8 which I can't tell is usable. I bought 16-80 for indoor sports but also for general purposes like landscape and architecture to complement my 35mm f1.4. For indoor sports, I used it in the range of 50-80mm so far, and I needed some more zoom, but I also know that at some other gyms that I've been before even the 35mm was fine when I could place myself near the court. Not sure if 55-200 is ideal solution for sports either, but it's much cheaper and lighter than 50-140. Heck I think even f2.8 is too small aperture for indoor sports. If I don't go for 50-140, I would most likely go for 55-200.
    • The push function on the rear-dials of the 'earlier' X cameras is quite prone to defects. I believe it was solved in the X-H1 and the X-T3 thereafter, but X-E3's have the earlier internal design. The push function could 'stick' in one function or between functions causing the rotate function not to work properly. If that happens, internal cleaning or replacing is the only option. Something that (most of) you can't do yourself.
    • Hi Milos, welcome. I'm too a Leica M user (M7 and M10-R) but I also use the X-Pro2. First, about the firmware updates. You can update straight to v5. Every firmware update contains the full firmware and not just the changed bits. As for the lens, Fuji has two zoom lenses that might work, but they are both a bit slower in terms of aperture. It's the 55-200 and the 70-300. Both have IOS (the X-Pro2 has not) so that is a benefit. Yet, I believe the 50-140 is the better choice for indoor sports even though the X-Pro2 isn't exactly fast in AF. Another option might be the long prime lenses. There are two in this category (I won't mention the 200mm): the 80mm macro is very sharp (allows for cropping) and has OIS but is is almost as expensive as the 50-140 and is not easily available as second-hand. The 90mm tele is one of Fuji's best lenses for portraits, is less expensive than the 80mm, but lacks OIS. It focuses very fast though. I loved that lens, but you need to learn to work with it esp. on an X-Pro2. The 50mm f2 is a very nice lens by the way and if the focal length works for you, you can crop by up to 30% (approx. 14-16MP) before quality becomes an issue.  The OVF of the X-Pro line doesn't work well with lenses longer than 50mm and the EVF of the X-Pro1 and 2 is a TFT-type that doesn't work well in low light and fast action (indoor sports). It has a poor refresh rate and in 'smears' a bit when you move the camera fast. You can however, learn to work with it even though it's not ideal. As for third-party lenses, I'm not aware of a fast 'long zoom' for X-mount. Tamron announced some lenses for X-mount (so did Sigma) but not in this category as far as I know. Their variable zoom lenses very quickly go to f4.5 or f5.6 once you zoom in. Viltrox and others focus on shorter primes for X-mount.
    • Fuji claims that it is exactly the same EVF (Sony-made OLED), but to my recollection the refresh rate of the X-T3 is a bit higher. The main difference (re. the EVF) is the processor of both cameras. The X-T3 has a later generation processor that allows for higher refresh rates. Make sure both cameras are in 'boost' mode when you compare them. Also other features (like brightness and color setting) can cause difference in EVF experience as well as minor changes in the optics in front of the EVF. Fuji isn't specific about changes re. this. I can't compare anymore since I sold both cameras and switched. From that experience I can tell that the same EVFs on paper can make a great difference in practice. So, always check the EVF yourself before you buy a camera. Esp. when you wear glasses or need to change the diopter.
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