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Is X-T2 Dynamic Range on par with FX?


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Depends on what you compare it to. Shot noise: obviously not, read noise: yes or no, depending on where you come from. Since DR is a combination of both (with minimal read noise and high ISO-invariance as a prerequisite), your mileage will vary. 


For example, even the entry-level Fujifilm X-A3 matches the DR of a ultra-high-end Canon EOS 5DS R landscape camera, but it can't beat a Nikon D750/810/850.

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For those who have moved over from full frame DSLR do you think the X-T2's sensor performance in terms of landscape dynamic range is on par?


Very close.


DR chart


An issue to consider with the X-T2 is Fuji's decision to set the camera's base ISO at 200. Notice in the linked chart that Bill Claff measures the X-T2 DR at 10 stops/ISO 200 and the 810 at 10.28 stops/ISO 200 -- .28 isn't a big deal. Fuji, for whatever reasons, has set the camera base ISO high relative to the sensor's real limits and capability. Leaving the X-T2 at ISO 200 there's considerably more there if you increase exposure. I've gotten into the habit with my X-T2 of leaving the EC set to +1 and will frequently take the photo at +1.3 to +1.7.


Consider this comparison between the X-T2 and Sony 6300 which are both using the same Sony sensor. Sony selects base ISO as 100 and Bill Claff measures nearly 1 stop more DR for the Sony camera:


DR chart


Well it's the same sensor and it doesn't really lose a stop of DR because it's in a Fuji camera instead of a Sony or Nikon camera. Same sensor is also in a Nikon D500 and its base ISO is 100 and sure enough its DR performance matches the Sony 6300. The ISO ratings that camera manufacturers assign are not ISO ratings for the sensor they're for the JPEG output of the camera's image processor.


Still the 810 and now 850 are better, but if you expose for the sensor in the X-T2 it's close.

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