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X-Pro 2 "turn off camera turn back on again"

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Since upgrading to firmware version 3.10 my X-Pro 2 developed the cursed turn off camera turn back on issue. After searching, have tried resetting the various options allowed under the wrench tab in menu, removing batteries, with no success. 


The issue arises whether using my 10-24 or my 16, 35 and 56mm primes and in S,C and M modes and in single shot or lo/hi speed shooting drive modes.   


The camera successfully upgraded firmware to 3.11 and for one day this appeared to have fixed the problem but now it is back. The camera will take one image and error appears after taking  a second image. The first image writes to the card but not the second. 


Anyone else have a similar phenomenon? 


Guessing my favourite camera is headed back to Fuji.  

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I used to have this problem with the borrowed 27. Turned out the culprit was the step-up ring attached on the lens. At first it worked okay for many shots then suddenly had that same error message. I was afraid that the camera had problem. After some browsing one post mentioned about possible use of step-up ring and/or filter. Once I took that off, no more problem.

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I just sent one of my three lenses to Fuji repair for that. I called the 800 number then had to wait 5-6 minutes till I talked to a repair rep. Probably SOP. Anyway he commented that that error meant that the focusing motor was not operating properly. I am just in the one year warranty period on all my Fuji so hopefully they'll fix it NC, we shall see.


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