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Patrick FR

Fujifilm X-T100 Rumors

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I am still not in need to replace my X-T1 and as promised to myself, I will only do that when the camera stops working.




This camera (or its successor) will be a good candidate for replacement. It looks like it has everything that I would be needing and I don’t have particular hangups about the type of sensor.


Size is a problem. I have never particularly enjoyed handling small cameras. Back in the day it was a reason for me not to like the Olympus and prefer Contax (among the many cameras that I have owned) or Nikon.


If a model lives long enough and is sold in sufficiently large numbers, it will always have some sort of third party grip which somehow seems to defeat the purpose of the makers striving for ever smaller cameras.


I don’t really need, per se, a “ reflex” look camera as long as I have an electronic viewfinder of sufficient quality and size, but the width and thickness is really what gives the “ feel” of a camera.

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Walking around with a small camera is nice but I definitely prefer the handling of the top models. Using big lenses with the X-T100 is not going to be far from ideal. I do feel that the EVF of the X-T1 is better but I mainly use the LCD screen. Other than that, the X-T100 does everything I want it do. Sure, AF won't be as good as top models but I don't use that either. Image quality is incredible. Björn Moerman says he can't really see IQ difference between the X-H1 and the X-T100.  



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