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Help! Upgrading from X-E1 to X-T2? or other options


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Hello all, I am kind of lost in researching and thought it would be good to have some opinions.


I started taking photos as a hobby then things have changed and I started shooting for some indie fashion/design brands. Currently I am using a Fuji X-E1 with 35mm 1.4 lens. I'm doing more portraits, outdoor fashion photoshoots etc.


I was actually so happy with X-E1 until I made one of the photoshoots with Nikon D810. I've seen a big difference with X-E1's performance and the photos came out to be much better. And the question was on my mind: Is it time to upgrade?...


But searching for cameras online/offline can be confusing. There are loads of metrics and this and that. So, I am kind of lost. All I want is to make an upgrade (with not huge amount of money) to produce better images and versatile usage.


So, one of the options is X-T2 - I like the user-friendliness of the Fuji Cameras. But the questions on my mind are;

1. Is upgrading from X-E1 to X-T2 a major one?

2. Shall I go for other options like Nikons or Canons?

3. Shall I stick with X-E1 and upgrade the lens? Like 56mm 1.2?


Please help me to find out my way in confusion! :)


P. S. You can see the type of photography I do from my Behance gallery: https://www.behance.net/boowashere

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Hello, boowashere, welcome to the fourm! We hope to be hearing a lot from you.


I have a Fuji X-E2. X-Pro2 and X-100F as well as a Fuji X-T2/18-55 and am crazy about all of them. While all are great cameras, the X-T2 is outstanding and so is the X-Pro2. I highly recommend the X-T2 to you.


BTW, I also shoot a Nikon D800 and D500. I'm using my Nikons for sports/action.

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Your photography is superb Boowashere. You obviously have a great talent. I think that the choice depends on whether you want lower noise at very high ISO or 36 megapixels. If so then chose the Nikon. If neither of these is important I honestly think that the X-t2 is the better camera. The Fuji lenses are generally better value than the top end Nikon too. Another possible factor is that, being a professional,you might want to hire a lens for a special job, in which case you may find that you can hire Nikon or Canon but not Fuji.

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