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Same shot. 3 different JPEG settings. Which one do you prefer?


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To my eyes, and I'm no expert, the second image looks best.

In the first photo, the green in the grass looks very washed out and in the third image the blues on the boys sleeves, appear unnatural and rather dark.

I am happy to be educated by someone more experienced.

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I guess the scene as viewed by the naked eye looked most like image 1?


Image 2 looks better due to the +1 color boost, but it depends on if you want to document the day as ot really was, or create a more pleasing image?


As our photos influence our memories over time, I would go with the boosted to make the memories brighter.

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I prefer CC and try not to play with col, htn & stn because it leads to an absence of consistency. When you look at your pictures one by one on the monitor or smartphone screen it's not so obvious but if you put several prints with different colours, saturation, tonality etc in front of yourself, you won't like it that much.

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mdm: +1 except htn and stn


Filip, I think CC suits the overcast mood on that day and looks most realistic. But I often prefer CC in various conditions because of the colour tones and it seems to me to have nicer details. But we all have different monitors and settings on them so you know, it depends on that also.

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