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focus picking

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hi everybody

/uploads/emoticons/default_smile.png"> the feature of Focus Check is very useful on XT1, XT2 or X20 but i am wondering if we have Feature of "Focus Picking" like Sony camera on Fujifilm XT2 too? 

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Focus peaking? In that case, yes. Different colours, choice between Low and High.


I do not know if it is implemented in the same way as Sony; no experience with their cameras.

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Focus peaking? In that case, yes. Different colours, choice between Low and High.


I do not know if it is implemented in the same way as Sony; no experience with their cameras.

where is it?

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    • By sincerelyscott
      I purchased my X-T2 in January and instantly fell in love. One of my favorite features was its use of buttons and dials along the camera for quickly changing settings rather than going through the menus. Along with the physical features of the camera I was also blown away by the auto focus Fujifilm was able to develop for this amazing camera. I use AF almost exclusively and with that I was using the Focus Lever (Focus Stick) quite often as well. After a few months with the X-T2 I noticed an issue with my Focus Stick, it would no longer go in the upward or up-diagonal directions. I kept using the camera for events and shoots I needed it for, working around the limitations I'd found and hoped that with the software updates to come my problem would be fixed. After downloading both updates it seems my issue is still present. I've searched a few times to see if anyone else has had this issue but haven't found an answer and instead was met with frustration. I'm hoping someone here can help me as Fujifilms website has also been of no help to me.
    • By zinertia2
      Has anyone considered the Fringer Contax 645 adapter?   It looks pretty good w AF capabilities (but still during the development phase).
      Also is there a way to determine the "equivalent" focal length?  The 645 being a bigger sensor, etc etc.
      Is this as simple as using the different equivalency formula floating around on the web?   0.64 from 645 to 35mm full frame, similar to the 0.79 from the GFX to 35mm full frame.  (sorry I still think in 35mm)
    • By huck222
      the XT-2 Autofocus seems to have severe issues with certain fine structures. Just spent many frustrating hours:
      I was actually testing lenses on what i thought makes a perfect object: fine twigs against the sky. Set it on a tripod, with the 10-24. The AF is very inaccurate or erratic, at 24 mm i get many blurry images. Same with the super sharp 35/f2, but smaller differences. (No problems with the 56, thats perfect). Also tested it on the X-T1, kind of the same issues.
      I might have it repaired/exchanged, and HOPE there's a fix. I'm wondering if maybe the AF System can not "see" fine structures, like fine branches. But it's high contrast against the sky (the rather poor AF on my old Canon 5D2 and 6D never had problems like this). That would mean serious problems with landscape photography...i mean, it's just a usual object. Nothing extreme or difficult for AF. Attached a 100% crop: image to the right is sharp, shot right after the blurry one. I got tons of that erratic sharpness.
      New firmware, all 135 AF points activated. Single point focus.
      Looking forward to your opinions/experiences...thanks!

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    • By valv0
      Hi there,
      First of all, many thanks for your great work. I really appreciate this forum. Two weeks ago my XF23mmF1.4 arrived and I was so happy to test it.
      I already own an XF35mmF1.4 and a XF16-55mmF2.8WR and I really would like to add this focal length to my lenses, since I always loved shooting at 23mm (35mm eq.) in the past.
      I was suddenly disappointed by the lens. Since the first shot it produced images that are blurred and in some way soft. Obviously, I know that I cannot expect the best at f/1.4, and I also know that the compare with the XF35mm is not fair. With all this background of knowledge, however, results are not possible given the cost and the buzz that surround this lens.
      I have attached to sample.

      Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content.  
      The first one is shot both at f/2.8 on the XF23mm and on the XF16-55 at 23mm zoom level. As you may see with your eyes even the zoom lens is worst and at the maximum aperture it produce a better quality image without blur and softness.

      Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content.  
      In the second example I just shooted at f2 on the XF23mm and at f2.8 on the XF50-140mm in a sunny day without any "critical condition". Even in this case, the XF23mm output is blurred without any sharp.
      I returned the lens to FUJIFILM asking for a replacement or a complete refund. I am absolutely disappointed by this experience.
      All comments are welcome.
    • By Shaun Maluga
      Has anyone else noticed trouble focusing on people in the foreground since the latest firmware updates? I noticed the camera really seems to prioritise something in the background over the foreground. Sure you can say switch to single point focusing (which I do) but I noticed the camera was much better at finding something in the foreground before the updates.

      ​Using Xpro2 with 16mm 1.4 and 35mm 2.0
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    • Wow. Just experienced this lens lock with the UV filter on, but just added the hood spacer and then the UV and I'm ready to go. Super helpful! Thanks.
    • I’ve had my X Pro 3 less than a week and went shooting today and noticed it was in OVF rather than EVF. Tried to switch back and nothing happened. Switched lenses, same thing. Took battery out and put it back in at recommendation of Fujifilm Customer Support, still the same. It won’t switch back to EVF. Anyone have any solutions before I go to the hassle of sending it back to B&H?
    • I'm setting up my firs Zoom meeting with a friend to test out using my XT-2 as the webcam. The biggest glaring issue I have is that the exposure in the zoom preview screen keeps shifting brighter and dimmer. I am set to manual ISO, aperture, and shutter speed. Center weighted meter. And using number 2 preset on my autofocus. My lighting is is controlled and constant. Even if I don't move at all the exposure will jump. I would think this defeats the whole purpose of using a high quality camera as
    • I have a a pair of X-E3's and a slew of legacy dedicated Nikon flashes, specifically, a Nikon SB-50DX, and three Sunpak PZ 5000AF. I also occasionally use a couple of small fill in slaves.  I nearly never use the SB-50DX, and usually use one or two of the Sunpaks. You're correct that none of these will operate in TTL, but they work excellent in manual and automatic modes. The best part of this whole deal is that I use the supplied EF-X8 flash to trigger whatever array I might have set up. I
    • Hi Davco Would ask if you have have done a full reset of the X-T3 software?
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