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Godox 350 or 685?

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Hi Everyone,

I need some help here as I am after a flash unit for my Xpro2 and XT2

The Godox 350and 685 seems interesting for Fuji cameras as there are supposedly part of a complete system.


I find it hard to get information on both flash units and the specs are also a bit confusing.

Unless I am mistaken the

350 was quotes as having a Guide number of 32 at iso 100 and 105mm 

685 was quoted as having a Guide number of 60 at ios 100 and 200mm

that brings both flash unit to almost the same power rating


I can understand a brand trying to "out market" another brand with different specs but to change specs within the brand for different models? - Weird


Has anyone used either or both of these flashes and would you recommend them? 

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I own the TT350F and the V860IIF (basically the same as the 650 but Li-ion battery). They are both great flashes and are very well made. The TT350 is very compact and is a great one to always carry with you. The re-cycle time of the TT350 is on the slow side but it depends how you want to use it. However, on the plus side it doesn't look overly large on camera. It can also be used as a controller to trigger other Godox flash units which is a bonus. A great buy for the price. The larger flash is more powerful but also looks quite large on the Fuji cameras. I'll use it mainly off camera. 

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Is there an external battery pack available for either of these units? I can't rely on 'AA' batteries alone.


I've been looking into this. The manual for the 685 shows a power port, the 350 doesn't have one. Godox makes a battery pack, see here, but they don't specify a cable for it. They do show the 685 with a battery pack connected somewhere so there must be a cable. I've read that B&H knows which cable so you can ask them. Unfortunately, the Godox website shows the power pack but has no info on which cable fits it.

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