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C1 Pro Velvia build

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Hi all



I would like to share My Velvia custom icc profile for XT2, FujiXT2-jc1-XT2-velvia.icc 


You use it for raw conversion just likes other C1 generic profiles.

Recommended setup for Windows 

.  copy the downloaded file to C:\Users\username_here\AppData\Local\CaptureOne\Color Profiles  (hidden directory)

.  In C1, under main menu Color and Base Characteristics (Capture Pro 10) 

   Icc Profile : select the above icc 

   Curve: Auto


It should work satisfactorily for Xpro2 by renaming the file to FujiXPRO2-jc1-XT2-velvia.icc


I neither own XT2 nor XPRO2, all my testings are based on raw files downloaded from Imaging Resource and DPre

You are most welcome to post your converted images here.



Best Regards

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ICC type: V2 icc
ICC Creator: Lumariver Profile Designer with custom color reference
Tone Curve: custom tone curve to match C1 film curve and simulated Velvia curve 
Editor: C1 Pro built-in color editor.  
Tool for Color Checking: PatchTool 


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