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landscapes with fuji x

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i do a lot of different photography and really enjoy all of them but my secret love is still landscape photography.

as a former nikon user (still using it sometimes) i wasn´t completely sure about the landscape capabilities of the xtrans sensors. i read a lot about it and wasn´t aware, until a few days ago, that many users don´t like the rendering for landscapes.

anyway i decided to buy a zeiss 12mm and adapt my 100mm filter system to it. and it works fine. let me know your experience for landscape. i´m actually using the x-e2 with xf23, zeiss touit 12mm, 55-200 & 18-55. i´m now considering a x-t1 because of tilt screen and weather sealing...


This is a lovely shot!


I've been considering the Zeiss 12mm as my ultra-wide, but not seen many examples, or heard of many users. I had the Fuji 14mm, which is stellar optically, but sometimes not quite wide enough, which is irritating, and I wonder if 18mm (equiv.) would be a sweet spot for me...

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South Tufa Formations on Mono Lake 

Something a little different - an XT-2 Panorama. A bit tough to get right, but in the end "better than an iPhone" panorama. (IMM!)
I couldn't get close enough for the other of only 2 lenses I had with me (hiking light among wildfires), so I used the dreaded 18-135mm.



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