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landscapes with fuji x

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Sorry Guys and Gals,

I have no idea how to post an image here, so how about I just leave a link to [/url]OBX_X-T2_7940.jpg by Jorge Moro, on Flickr">one image I'd love to show here, on my (new) Flickr Account -- because I could not remember my old PW...


you have the choose the option “ More reply options” once you’ve done that you choose the file on your computer ( not larger than 1000Kb) and then you choose attach file, then you add reply , there is only a limit to how big the picture is in “ weight” but not actually in size.


You can edit your pic in your post process and choose an output of 50% quality and you can post even a very large picture. There is a limit to the first visualization but if the user clicks on it it will expand to its larger size if it exceeds the size of the screen or forum visualization.


I hope this helps.

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