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Old school flash sync cord

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Hi all, 


I'm wondering if anyone knows why my studio flash lights (bowens) aren't firing when I have my  Fuji X-T2 connected via the old school sync cord which is plugged into the sync cord button at the front of the camera.  I have tried 3 different sync cords so I'm pretty sure that's not the problem.


I'm thinking that I need to change something in the menu but can't find any real options - everything that can change, I've tried, including from electronic shutter to mechanical.


Any clues?



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The following will all disable flash:

  • Sound/Flash Off -- obviously, but a lot of people seem to forget to check this -- might not apply to PC Sync connector
  • Flash Control Mode: OFF -- also obvious but easy to overlook -- might not apply to PC Sync connector
  • ES or MS+ES shutter -- even though MS+ES will use MS at X-Sync speed, you need to select MS
  • Burst drive modes: CH or CL
  • Bracketing drive mode: BKT
  • Panorama drive mode

Check the settings in the Sync Terminal screen of Flash Function Setting.


Also, I'm not sure if the PC Sync connector will trigger if there's an active flash mounted on the hotshoe.

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