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Fujifilm X-H1 Rumors

Patrick FR

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The use of the initial "H" is interesting. To speculate, could it be that they are using an APS-H format sensor? :unsure: Perhaps the "H" is for handheld?


Maybe, it won't look like an X-T2 or X-Pro2?


I believe I saw something about the "H" standing for "Hybrid" with the new line being Hybrid - Still & Video.  I could care less about video so could care less about the new line.  With the latest firmware for the XT-2 I am more than happy with what I have now,  IBIS would be a nice additional feature so IBIS on the XT-3 would be welcomed.

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The jump to a new body style for the IBIS camera gives me some small hope. I don't want IBIS. I certainly don't want even more features aimed at video and reviewer check lists. Nor a bigger, heavier, LCD-on-top design. Maybe, in addition to this unwanted (by me!) type of camera, Fuji will continue to produce small, light, highly capable cameras with the body style and design -- X-Pro, X-E, X100 -- for which I moved from Sony. But I fear the market will speak, and the camera I like will be produced by no one. (Except maybe Leica, which means it will be de facto nonexistent for me.)

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Advertisement (gone after registration)

if you shoot concerts or acts on stage at less than 1/125s I'd imagine the motion blur is present on almost every photo, if that is the look you're going for that's your artist interpretation.

When i shoot events I'd much rather have a usable high ISO, than be able to slow the shutter speed, as I generally do not want motion blur on the acts i'm photographing. (the exception being if I want to show movement)


All IBIS or OIS does is allow you to use a slower shutter speed, on long lenses > 100mm it is an advantage being able to use a shutter speed of 1/60 seconds without camera shake.


But shooting a 50mm/35mm lens (or wider) it makes no difference, as less than 1/60s motion blur will appear on anything that moves, and shooting a 35mm lens at 1/60s or faster there is no camera shake.


I also do plenty of candid street photography, again never missed a shot because of no ibis, as I'd never be using a shutter speed so slow camera shake became an issue before motion blur did




I do a ton of candid low light photography. Even with people in the photo, there are always moments where the main subject movement is minimal and image stabilization is the difference between a solid image and an un-usable one. A small bit of motion blur in some background subjects is often no problem... the whole image blurry always is.


Maybe just speak for yourself, instead of declaring what is good for others or what is useful.

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I get that, but what is the benefit of stabilisation if subject movement at slow shutter speeds will still give you a blurred picture?

None, but that is the same with OIS. It will help you with static subjects only. For moving subjects, choose an appropriate shutter speed, or practice panning.

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For a lot of people the most noticeable advantage will be to say : “ My camera has two systems that can stabilize the movements of my hands while taking pictures”.


Panning is very useful but of course you need  a steady hand because if you pan but shake wile doing so then the camera movement will be visible.

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I'm kind of torn with the design of the X-H1. Whereas I welcome this camera I think that the IBIS is most desirable in a "rangefinder" style camera such as the X-Pro2. This is of course my personal preference. IBIS will be a benefit for any camera, regardless of the esthetics.

As to the top screen, it not really necessary, whereas a locking function on a X-T2 style exposure compensation dial would have been welcome. I don't mind the design but would prefer for Fuji to stay retro, I like all the dials and knobs.

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