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Capture One Problem to convert to DNG

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Hi all,


i would like to use Capture One for converting my X-Raw Files but keep Lightroom as i prfer th eworkflow.

So i would like to use Capture One to convert th eRAF files to DNG.

But when i try to export my RAF files as DNG i get an Error Message.

I can export them as JPg and also convert my Canon Raw files to DNG.


Anyone knows this Problem?


thanks, Tom

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Cause i want to do the RAW Conversion in CO as it does it better. But use Lightroom for the workflow.


Capture One doesn't support RAF to DNG conversion. You've discovered that and you are correct, you'll get an error message.


You do have the option to output a TIFF from C1 for further processing in LR. Basically the same thing you'd get if you used Iridient X-Transformer.

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But DNG is still raw data and I think LR still makes a mess of it...


Yes and no. DNG is just a wrapper. In this case using C1 then yes. C1's DNG conversion option keeps the raw data intact and so LR would still have to demosaic that data and would still make a mess. It is possible however for DNG to encapsulate a TIFF file -- known as a linear DNG. In this case demosaicing has taken place and the original raw data is no longer available. You're just processing an RGB TIFF file in a DNG wrapper. This is what Iridient X-Transformer provides and is why different demosaicing results are then possible. But in this case you're really just using LR to further process a TIFF file.

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post-8266-0-55902700-1499421166_thumb.jpgpost-8266-0-32978500-1499421191_thumb.jpgpost-8266-0-54605400-1499421216_thumb.jpgI have a workflow which uses Lightroom as my DAM and Capture One 10 as the developer of my RAF (or any other RAW file in the Lightroom catalog) and after developing back to Lightroom via the Sessio's output folder 

I have created a Capture One session called "From Lightroom"

In my Lightroom Library I can choose one or more files, RAF or others and export them as originals to the Capture Folder of the Capture One Session using a key shortcut. The export settings also include opening Capture One.

After developing in Capture One I process them as Tif or jpeg to the Output Folder and in Lightroom import the new ones into the lightroom using the Session Output folder in my Lightroom Library. 



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Thank you all for your responses.

I will try to use CO excusively and see if i can get a comparable workflow as in lightroom.

Already made some good steps in customizing some shortcuts.


otherwise i will consider tiff output.


thanks, Tom

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