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    • photos taken in raw format in xt 3 using lexar 128 gb card are not transferring to Mac air where as jpeg files are transferring without problem. please help with advise. recently updated to  xt3 firmware version 5.   
    • Well, I upgraded my firmware last night to V.2.00 and guess what? The PRE-EF is now available. I have absolutely NO idea why I couldn't access it before. Thanks for your help. I am really excited to be a real photographer again! This forum is such a great resource and I know that I'll be availing myself of the combined wisdom of the Fujifilm community many times.
    • sorry, I was wrong, according to the manual PRE-AF works only in ES (electronic shutter mode ).  I set my Xt5 to shutter type M+E, that works.  menu camera mode 1/3 last item, hope it helps.
    • I use the same as I always done, but it would be fun to hear others thought and settings. I think it depands on what type of street photography one shoots also. I shoot a lot of sun and shadows were the person is more of an extra to the actual scene. So I use AF Mode (Zone) and Custom settings I never really bothered to play around with.  So no idea why I settled with this but I go with tracking sens. (3) Speed tracking (middle) and Zone area switch (front). What's your settings and why, also what type of street photography do you shoot?
    • I'm not sure what you mean by "high speed mode." I did a User Settings Reset and returned the camera back to as it came out of the box, in case I changed something by accident that prevented me from getting the PRE-AF option, but it's still greyed out. Obviously, I'm missing something. I'm not even sure I want to enable this setting, given its impact on battery life, but now I HAVE to solve this mystery.
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