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Keep X-T1, get X-T2, do I just need a good prime or just change my settings?

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Hello Everyone,


I am having a bit of a dilemma that I was hoping the good people here could help me out with.


I currently have an X-T1 along with the following lenses: 18–135, 55-200 and 35mm f2. I just had my first kid three months ago and am thoroughly enjoying capturing him. I am however having a hard time getting good (focused) shots as he is starting to move a lot. I'm mostly shooting in the zoned AF mode with either single or continuous focus with the drive mode set to both single and high speed burst. ISO is set to auto.


With the 18–135 there are hardly any keepers as it is a pretty slow lens. I get more keepers with the 35 but feel very limited with the focal length.


So here is what I have been debating:


Get the 23mm f2 - I loved the focal length when I had borrowed the X-100t

Get the 16-55 - Nice range thats good for street and landscape and covers the 23mm focal length at a decent speed

Get 90mm f2 - Good fast portrait lens

Get a used X-100t - I get the focal length I want and an additional camera that I can take with me without having to worry about lenses now that I need to travel light (baby stuff)

Get the X-T2 - Faster focusing, better low-light, new processor


I am only a hobbyist who is looking to the experts out there to help me figure this out. Please be kind and helpful.


Thanks in advance.

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LOL.  The kid is three months old!! How much can he be moving!???  LOL.  Sorry.  Been there done that with three grand kids aged 6, 3, and soon to be 1 year old!  I know exactly what you are going through.  I have the 1.4 primes -- 35, 16, and 23 and I will say they helped in capturing these kids,but the true difference was when I moved up to the X-T2 from the T1, and with the latest software::: WOW!

Huuuuge and Bigly difference  :)


Now, your shooting mileage may vary, but I certainly love the images I'm now getting!

Hope that helps.

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I am however having a hard time getting good (focused) shots as he is starting to move a lot..


It looks like it is too dark around when you shoot and your auto ISO might be configured incorrectly. If you set upper limit to ISO 6400 and don't let shuter go below 1/320 with 35f2 you hardly get mis focused pictures.

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I know it's pricey, but the 16-55mm/F2.8 lens is a great common usage focal range and is constant F2.8, very sharp and a very fast auto focus.

Regardless if I have it on my XT1 or XT2, I can shoot my kids playing school sports in the gymnasium at school (lousy lighting) at ISO 3200 and F2.8 and still get 1/250 and sometimes 1/500 shutter speed and get many great shots with the 16-55/2.8.


I use to have the 18-135 and just sold it yesterday.  I wasn't using it. It was the first Fuji lens I purchased and it was great to get me started, but was useless for indoor photos.  

With the 16-55/2.8 and 35/2 ... you'll be in excellent shape for indoor or outdoor family photography.


On a side note:

When it comes to the XT1, I have found the best autofocus (AF) speed I get is shooting with single point autofocus point dead center.  I either focus and recompose, or just crop after the fact.  You need to use the shutter button to focus and not the AF-L button on the XT1 because the AF-L button is only contrast autofocus on the XT1 (which is slower than phase autofocus).  The shutter button on XT1 is phase AF as long as focus lands in the small center area where the phase AF points are.  On the XT2, shutter and AF-L are both phase AF (as long as subject is in the area of the phase AF points).  Because the XT2 has a larger/more phase AF points, sometimes on the XT2 I use the multi-focus point option because phase AF is very fast and it covers a much larger area than on the XT1. But on the XT1 I have found since it has so few phase AF points that keeping single point AF and keeping subject/focus in the center seems to work for me.  On XT1 I do a lot of focus, recompose and then capture.

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