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XT2, strange problem, black frames.

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XT2, strange problem, black frames.

I got a xt2, after a trip, downloading photos I noticed that over 1200 photos, 320 were completely black. The vendor quickly replaced the car body. New trip with new XT2, result 4o black frames on 780.

So new body, new memory cards, same result, what can be the cause ??? The photos are completely black, but they record the Exif data, they are all over (form a group). I can not be completely sure, but it seems to me that there are still missing pictures of what I remember getting shot.

Does anyone have any idea ??? Thanks for your help !!!


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Signature? I suppose you meant software.


well, you are not the only one in the same boat, another member also reported a white bar on his X-T2 which caused the camera to be replaced and guess what, the second camera has that too!


Now, this is again strange because one has to suppose that both, different, cameras had the same defect (which indeed might be a software problem but then many more people would have reported something similar) or that the only other common factor between camera, the operator, is doing this.


Of course you understand that if this is the case, it would be next to impossible to find out for other people who don’t have this problem, because they obviously don’t do this.

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I've also wondered about the occasional black frames I get on my X-T2.  I imagined it was just me turning off the camera too soon after pressing the shutter. 

My black frames almost always occur during street shooting after I take a quick image or a quick series of images. I bring the camera away from my eye and hit the power switch as the camera slides down my strap.  All this happens pretty rapidly.  I realize I needn't and perhaps shouldn't shut off the camera with this style of shooting.  It's a bad habit I got with my Nikon (which continued to process through the buffer even after the it was powered down).  

I recently reset the X-T2 to factory settings,  built up my preferences again, am learning better habits, and haven't seen the black frames return....yet.  Perhaps not cause and effect, but the reset removed a couple of un-fathomable (to me) benign behaviors AND it focused my mind enough to learn more about my camera.

Fingers crossed

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By any chance are you using bracketing and electronic shutter or mechanical plus electronic shutter?  On my X-A3 with V2 firmware I get a black frame when bracketing if the scene is very bright.   The strange thing is it can happen at 1/10,000 even though this is not maxing out the electronic shutter, I will get 2 frames with images and one frame completely black in the group of 3.  So it might be something to do with the readout speed when bracketing.  

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I have noticed the odd black frame when using my XT-2; nowhere near as many as you are reporting though.


I haven't been worried because I'm not aware of missing any shots. My best guess is that they are occurring when I turn the power off but I will try and keep a closer eye.

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Hi Everyone,

I know its an old post but I have had a similar problem on my XT20. I have reset the camera to factory settings and also upgraded the firmware to the latest available 2.0. But I  occasionally get black frames when clicking a photograph. Below is an example of two shots taken without any changes. First shows black frame and the other shows the actual picture.

- Video recording works fine.

- I removed the lens and enabled shooting without lens to see that the shutter does open up. But since this problem is occasional, not sure if that concludes anything.




Any help is appreciated.



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Hey guys-

having the same issue.

mechanical shutter clicks, but records a black image/exposure. Tried it across all the photo modes.

I was able to take a photo without a lens to confirm the mechanical shutter works, and the shutter moved, but still a black photo.

electronic shutter and video work fine. Exposures come out fine.

Anyone have experience on how to fix?




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    • Hi, DaveC. Thank you so much for the really valuable information...very much appreciated! On the power off/on, I guess I was being a little too impatient when pressing the shutter. On the auto ISO, I'll definitely give it a try, as that's a pretty important one for me. I have found that the ISO button and joystick pretty easy to reach while looking at the EVF, so maybe there's no reason to reassign the top left dial. With only a little time spent with the X-S10 so far, I have found the AF and image quality outstanding, as you noted. Even with the challenges of learning a new system, it's been fun getting to know my new toy! Again, thank you for responding to my inquiry. Pentax Forums is a valuable source of information for Pentax users, and it's nice to know Fuji X Forum can provide similar advice and support. Cheers!  
    • OK thanks for the reply,  It's seems like a pretty straightforward thing to implement with all the super fast ssd available in the market.  Maybe in the next model..
    • I don't believe it is possible sadly.   But would be great if it was. 
    • Welcome rickc, I too was new to Fuji when I got my X-S10 and 16-80mm last December. It is a great camera and lens combo. Point 1. To wake up the camera just half press the shutter button but keep it pressed for a second or too and it will wake up. When half pressed you will feel the IBIS doing its thing , thats OK, just keep it pressed till it wakes up. Point 2. Set the X-S10 to M mode on the mode dial and you will have aperure on the front dial and shutter speed on the rear dial. Then set the iso to Auto, Press the iso button on the top plate and use the joy stick to scroll down to the auto iso settings. The user manual does explain the auto iso settings quite well (the pdf that is). Note you can also re-assign the top left dial to exposure compensation if you like that as well. I have been using these settings just lately to photograph butterflies at high shutter speeds. I came from using Canon and Nikon cameras and find the image quality is outstanding and hope you continue to enjoy the camera. Best wishes DaveC. 
    • Look for"sportsfinder"
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