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Nuno Oliveira

X-T1 on camera WIFI stopped working - Help

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Hi fellow community of fuji lovers


Im on my second X-T1 now, another one coming from nikon system of several years and no regrets whatsoever so far.


I recently changed to Mac coming from 40 years of PC only, and got to the point of trying the PC AUTO SAVE whole process which is just hideous, i can't believe that they can't come up with a simpler solution like Turn WIFI on > connect directly to Computer via WIFI > use app to transfer files, like with the mobile system. 


Anyway, after uploading a couple thousand photos, disconnected the camera and went on my way. Couple of days later, i tried to use again the PC AUTO SAVE to transfer some more files, but said it couldn't connect to the PC (Network connection was fine, though), so i went to the wireless menu on the camera and reset the wireless settings.


From this moment on, the camera does not turn WIFI on, using Fn2 button like i have done millions of times in the past, and the SETUP3MENU>CONNECTION SETTING>PC AUTO SETTING is greyed out and also the MENU5>WIRELESS COMMUNICATION is greyed out, and that is why i'm here reaching for you guys to hel me get out of this nightmare as i have scouted all over the internet and users manual trying to get it back on but i just don't know how.


Any help is greatly appreciated.




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Re install both camera software and app on the device.



Make sure you use THIS software





Macs are peculiar about communicating with external devices (Apple obsesses about anything which might access a computer and add things that they don’t want you to add).


It doesn’t work with all OS versions. I bever got it working on my Imac with Yosemite.

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