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No playback on X-t2 LCD, please help.

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I just bought an x-t2 used from a fellow photographer and everything has been great. I was just taking pictures around the house and suddenly I was no longer able to playback images on the lcd screen. Playback will only show on the EVF even though all the other settings are showing on the LCD. Clearly the LCD is fine and its only a playback issue.

I have cycled through the viewmode settings multiple times, took battery out and back in, removed sd card, etc...

Is there a setting somewhere I may have accidentally clicked that disables playback on lcd?

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It's normal logic of X-T2, to fix your problem:

1. Press Preview image

2. Press "VIEWMODE" button above Shutter dial


Looks like you just accidentally pressed "VIEWMODE" during previewing images. When you press that button in Shooting mode it's cycling between EVF/LCD for shooting. But when you press that button in Preview mode, it's cycling EVF/LCD for Preview Only.

HINT: You can also disable that (or any other) button if accidental hit happens too often:


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Also, check that the eyecup is firmly in place: push it downwards to make sure it has clicked into place. If it has become dislodged and has slid upwards, even a little, it will block the little sensor window at the base of the EVF. This will make the camera "think" that you're using the EVF rather than the LCD.

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