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Firmware 3.1 issues Xpro2

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I originally wasn't going to update from 3.0 to 3.1 but decided to anyway.  Today I tried some longer exposure on a mini tripod, using self-timer. First thing I noticed was that the LCD screen zoomed in randomly without me touching any buttons or dials. I was merely moving tripod a small fraction to centre image. Odd. Then after maybe 6-8 shots I noticed that the self-timer had disengaged.  Again, odd. Sure enough when I checked the menu, the timer was off. As you know, it's generally two clicks and a dial turn away to adjust that, unless you turn off the camera and in this case, the camera was not turned off  (I was in middle of shooting). My long exposure was through the "T" setting, which I have on my rear command dial. It was around 2 seconds (nothing epic). I wasn't using manual focus, so thus the zoom behaviour is very unusual. Self timer was on 2 seconds (just to avoid shake).


I have now reset the camera. Last 3 updates I've had to reset for varied reasons. Anyone else experiencing any unusual behaviour with 3.1?


I'll update if problem persists.  Assume all OK after reset if I don't comment further.

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After updating to 3.1 my X-Pro 2 is unusable.



After successfully updating my camera, it won't start. Removing the battery for awhile then putting it back in, the camera switches on. Though when I clicked the shutter button, everything became unresponsive. I can't even switch off the camera. I had to remove the battery to switch it off. I tried to re-update it again on the same version (3.10) but still, it didn't work. I'm really frustrated right now..



Is there a way to revert back to Ver. 3.0?

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Did my update yesterday to 3.11. No issues so far. I'm impressed by the warnings that came with it - my battery was lowish, and then don't turn the camera off or take off the lens cap. That last is a new one. Usually warnings mean somebody was silly enough to do that!


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The firmware loader will not let you go to an earlier rev. The same or newer only. I have the power problem too, and sent my camera to Fuji. They say the power board has to be replaced, and it will cost $400 with tax and shipping.


This feels like a hardware compatibility issue to me (I’m a firmware engineer). I have probably the earliest board revs. I asked if they might fix it in the next release, or if could downgrade my camera to 3.00. Both answers were “no”.


I’m pretty upset. Pissed. Disgruntled. It’s now going to be a $2000 camera (when I can afford to fix it).

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What is silly about taking off the lens cap during a firmware upgrade?

I haven't a clue. Like the choking hazard warnings on bags and small toys?


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