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Wireless tethering with X-T2 and the new firmware


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I played today a bit with the wireless tethering and found it extremely slow and unreliable. The transfer speed is extremely slow to a point that makes it unusable. The camera has less wireless sensitivity than my iPhone. I need to be literally close to the router to make it work. At one point the LED on the back started to flash only red and I was not able to control the camera anymore. Even to shut it down. I had to take out the battery. Never had this happen with v2.0 of the firmware.

I couldn't find if the camera supports 5GHz AC or just 2.4 N, but as it did not see my 5GHz network it looks like it does not. I think that is a must with the volumes of data the camera needs to transfer during a shooting session. At the current stage for me at least wifi tethering is just unusable. Save to PC feature is in the same corner. Transferring of a single fine jpg took perhaps a minute if not more. It is not my wifi as I have ASUS RT-AC3100 which is quite fast and I have no slowness issues with any of my other devices on the same network.

That is sad as that was the feature I have been waiting the most.

Has anybody been able to successfully use the wifi features yet ?

By successfully I mean with usable speeds.

What is your experience ?

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It's a joke.


It's too slow to use the live view on the computer, too slow to transmit RAW+FINE from the camera to the computer. It's even worse with the GFX, where compressed RAW files and JPEGs are larger.


The live view works with a data rate of only 700 KB/s, and the maximum transmission rate for files from the camera to my computer is about 1.5 MB/s. WTF? Even my 4 years old iPad can easily manage data rates of 12 MB/s in the very same network with the very same router. And this in a brand new camera model that costs 7000 EUR naked.

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