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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Hello, flew from São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro this past weekend and wanted to share some shots from the airplane flight there.  Most of these shots were taken from the airplane window with my X-E2 and the XF 35mm.


Hope you like it!  I'll post separate entries so you may tell me which ones you like best by liking the post!


Thank you.


First shot was one of the ones I liked best, not from the plane.  This is Copacabana beach. These birds flew by in a cool formation and I was glad to fit them in the compostition.


18879565181_2684919cfe_c.jpgCopacabana Beach by Marcelo Valente, on Flickr

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    • King Tide roller Depoe Bay, OR. X-H1, Fuji 70-300.  

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    • I may have missed something, but after reading through the settings listing, I do not think it is possible. Eight-bit HDMI is an older standard, I am guessing newer cameras dropped support for it. You may have some good results with a converter: https://www.reddit.com/r/FilmDIT/comments/rukd94/does_anyone_have_a_recommendation_about_devices/ But, …., it may be less expensive to upgrade to a recently released field monitor that supports newer standards. edit: HDMI v2.0 is the minimum standard that supports 10-bit bit-depth, so avoid monitors that only support HDMI v1.4.
    • I'm using x-s10 with 16-55mm 2.8f lens. A week ago I've got message "turn off the camera and turn on again" without any known for me reason. I took out battery, lens, sd card and after few hours I was able to use it. Next day the same story, so I plugged sd card via card reader to my smartphone, cleared it out. I'm using the newest firmware for the camera and lens. I'm not able to take pictures for 3 days already... When I point the camera to the ceiling I see that the screen is a little bit wobbling so I suspect that sth is wrong with IBIS. Have any of you had such an issue with your camera? What have you done in this case?
    • What you say is suggestive and I will try it out of curiosity. But in fact I bought second hand a Bowens GM500 (€60!!) quite old and it works perfectly with the cable, so the cable was not the problem.
    • Thank you for your respond. Yes, I see the HDMI output is in 10bit. I can't see how I can change the HDMI output to 8 bit. Do you know if there is the possibility to do so?
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