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Shutter button came off ?


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XT-2. Had it a few weeks. Used it this afternoon. Put it back into my LowePro backpack. Got home. Noticed the shutter button was gone! And the surrounding on/off switch.

This is my 7th camera of the FujiX system and never had an issue.

I'm still traveling ( have an X100F with me ). Has this happened to anyone else? I'll call Fuji customer service when I get home in a few days. I'm sure I'll have to send it in...


Hello Warren,


Did you get this issue fixed under warranty? I'm having a similar issue, and both Fujifilm and the camera store are unwilling to fix it under warranty, even though the camera is only 10 months old and has always been handled with great care. I strongly feel this is a design flaw in the way the on-off switch collar is attached to the body. I have used several Fujifilm X cameras and this is the first one to have such quality issues.

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So, The camera arrived last night, back from Fuji in Edison. They were brilliant. I called after I had seen that the camera had arrived, via UPS (Thurs). They explained the process and gave me a tracking number. I was told that I could call any time, that they understood separation anxiety.  I called on Tuesday to see what the status was, and was told it was at the repair desk as we spoke. Wondered about timing, going to see my mom and would like the camera for the visit. Thursday afternoon it arrived back home. Top plate was replaced, camera cleaned inside and out. The firmware was updated. All my settings were reset, but, I have them written down and can get them all sorted out in a few minutes. 


The folks at Edison are great. I just talked with Steve about getting a replacement "spring plate" for the hot shoe which lost its "cover shoe" somehow. This is the metal piece that sits on and surrounds the flash contacts. Cactus actually recommends you remove this with their triggers. Anyway he looked up the part number for me (FBB26290-300 if you need it) and sent me over to Todd in parts to order the part. $4.79 for a little piece, but that's OK. 


The folks in Edison are super friendly and helpful.


BTW does anyone know where to get an exploded parts diagram of the X-T2? They will not sell me one.

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