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X-T1 FW 4.0 BETA: I have it and share my findings soon ;)

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A French FujiRumors readers spotted the Firmware 4.0 file on Facebook... and for the sake of science, I decided to update My Own X-T1 with Firmware 4.0 and test if it works :)


It's really late at night here, and I will do proper testings tomorrow (sometimes even FujiRumors has to sleep). But it's pretty nice to see how well it tracks my dog ;).


I'll share my findings about the FW in the next days in this thread... stay tuned :)


Although the file is circulating on facebook, I decided to remove it, since it's not the final version.

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So far so good.  I really do like the new zone AF system. Feels more responsive.  I haven't had any major issues with is. I'm not sure if this is the way it's supposed to works but when face detection and eye detection are turned on, the back button focus does not work... 


I want the back button focus to be the only focus button, but in manual mode you lose zone and wide mode only single point works.

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its ridiculous to remove the link.  This firmware will be in XT10 tomorrow.    I bet Fuji themselves release it tomorrow, it does not make sense that lesser camera comes out with Firmware and the owners of a superior camera have to wait for same thing for a week.  

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Here are my results so far.  I only have 3 Fuji X lenses currently.


35/1.4  the most dramatic change.   Lens just gets to focus without rocking back and forth.   Amazing for this lens.  All of the sudden it is like a different lens!!!

18-135.  I tried to lower the light in my bedroom and focus at tele end.  It is usually a slow lens to focus in low light.  Result - much quicker acquisition.   

56/1.2    seems to be no changes whatsoever with how that lens focused with previous firmware. 

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Went for a lunch walk, practiced with the 35mm 1.4 and 14mm 2.8


AF-C Wide Tracking is really amazing for tracking trams, cars, horses, etc. Spot on every frame with minimal effort.


The 3x3 zone AF-S focuses very quickly with the 35mm lens. This will probably be my default AF mode from now on.

I liked 5X3 zone AF-S in my short testing here.   Next test which will be the key one -  my 3 year old running!  That wont happen for few days though.....    If that 35 continue its crazy I might seriously consider selling my Sony A7 and 55 1.8 FE lens.     

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