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X-T2 problem with focus in Auto mode

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#1 Squiggle



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Posted 18 May 2017 - 08:43 PM

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Earlier this year, I started to get fuzzy pictures with my X-T2 (and the 18-135mm lens) so I sent them in to Fujifilm to check.
Back they came with the report that they were "both performing to specification."
But at the foot, under "Remarks", there was this:
"Please be aware that using on fully Auto Mode, shutter speed and ISO, can affect that camera [which] has its issues with focusing."
Not very well expressed (so I added the "which")  -- but most worrying.
That was a month ago. Since then I've been testing it with either the ISO or the shutter speed (or both) on A[uto]:
at relatively close range (3 to 10m): never a problem, sharp as a pin;
10 to 30m or so: OK depending on what I've focused on.
BUT at a greater distance (e.g. landscape, which is what I photograph most), 1 photo out of 3 is unsharp or frankly blurred.
It's not a problem of camera shake. It happens with speeds up to 1/1000, and at ISO 200 to 400.

Has anyone else had this?

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#2 pete1959


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Posted 26 May 2017 - 02:36 AM

More likely it's an issue with OIS on the lens.

I'd suggest trying another lens and see if the problem is the camera (unlikely) or the lens (more likely),as the image sensor simply records the image that is projected by the lens.

A sharp image projected from the lens will record sharp on the sensor, but an unsharp image from an unsharp lens will always record unsharp.

Sensors are static objects, and don't change or move at all from shot to shot, whereas lenses have lots and lots of moving parts.

A wonky OIS will give you unsharp images.

OIS does need a second to kick in....which might explain why some are sharp and some not.....

Proper shutter technique, regardless of shutter speed, is always critical especially with long lenses. Even 1/1000 won't be sharp without proper technique.

Anyhow I'd borrow another lens and see where the problem lies, camera or lens.

Please keep us forum users appraised as to how you resolve this...

#3 Squiggle



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Posted 26 May 2017 - 12:07 PM

I had the same thoughts as you, pete1959, so I checked carefully to see if I could correlate the blurred images with insufficient shutter speed.

In particular I took a series of single shots (not in continuous mode) using various speed/aperture/ISO combinations. I was standing firmly on the floor, shooting out of my study window, at a focal length of around 35mm. ISO was low, in the 200-400 range. The most blurred photo was shot at 1/1000th.


That was when I sent both the camera and the lens to Fuji at the same time.

They reported that "both [camera and lens] are performing to specification."


Since then I have had similar results, with both the 18-135 and the 10-24mm lens, and I have sent some of photos (with full speed/aperture/ISO information) to Fuji. No further comment from them.


If no one else has had this problem, I'll return the camera to Fuji and insist that they remedy the fault.

#4 Squiggle



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Posted 28 July 2017 - 10:58 AM

I am pleased to report that, having sent sample images to both Fujifilm and the camera vendor and then returned the camera to the vendor, I have been supplied with a new X-T2 that takes tack-sharp pictures.

It's taken all that time because no one would believe that this camera could produce blurred images!

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