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Why do I prefer my x-pro1's images over my x-pro2's?

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I have a pair of XP2's and can't really fault them 

I also have an X100F


I really do think that the files from the xp1 and the xt1 I had were so much nicer !


Im having a tough time trying to convince myself bigger is better but I print my work to A1 and I have a lot of prints shot on the old sensors which are just lovely and yes you read it right .... A1 with no problem !


Obviously the new sensors will print to this but as others are saying they just are not the same :(


I use this kit professionally and dare I take a step "backwards" ?


I am seriously tempted  !

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Comparisons are tricky.


Comparing things takes two forms, variable data and attribute data


Say we are comparing two cars.


Variable data is easy: which car is fastest, which one has the biggest engine, which one has the most seats etc


But attribute data is hard: which car is the nicer colour, which has the more stylish interior etc


The same apllies to the two X-Pros


Which has the most features etc


But even the images


The XP2 has more DR, bigger files, more acurity, better ISO performance


But that doesn't mean that one might not prefer the look and style of the original


In reality, I personally find that comparing two things that do the same job is always win some/lose some


I'm sure that if someone took out both cameras and took many shots, in many different places, duplicating the same scenes. Then they compared all the files, they'd prefer some from one camera and some from the other.

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Ha! A very old thread, but it instantly resonates with me:

I still have the X-E1 at home. It was my first Fuji X camera (in late 2012) and I was so delighted with it's output. Kept it for more than 2 years as my primary camera for everything. Whenever I came home with photos, they were beautiful: sharp, vibrant, film- like.

I then went for the X-T1: Still excellent skin tones, but more modern color look, but so much better EVF, AF etc. Kept it for even longer than the X-E1, accompanied after a year by the Sony a7rII. Sony sensor is technically a piece of wonder, 42MP tack sharp with IBIS, deep DR, low noise etc. But the colors are one greenish mess in comparison. Sold it after a while.

In  early 2018 I bought the X-H1: IBIS; superb shutter, 24MP, and quite good color.

Until one day I looked through my 2012-14 archives, and man, I almost had forgotten how vibrant, filmish colors look like. What worth is a huge EVF if - in the end - the photos look less - well - photogenic?

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Funny this thread is still alive. I’m still happy with my x-pro2, but am still considering getting an x-e1 for that marvelous sensor, and the slightly bigger EVF. However, as I have started shooting vintage lenses, I remember how unimpressive the focus peaking was on my x-pro1, and it is hardly better on the x-e1, and then I’m back to keeping my x-pro2, where focus peaking is quite good. Ah well...

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