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Fuji XF 35 1.4 AF speed

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The 18-55 is a great lens, surely one of the best "kit" lenses ever


Maybe a little compared to the 18-55 on my XP-2.

But sufficiently fast and exquisite rendering; so much so that I have traveled with just this to many places across the world.









of course, a bit of color does not go astray...



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I have the 23 f/2 and owned the 23 f/1.4. I kept the first and sold the latter since the quality. The problem is one should have the chance to try different lenses of the same model since they're manually assembled and they're not all equal. I also owned the 35 f/2 and I have the f/1.4: in this case I sold the first one because of the quality.


I always had the impression that the 35 f/2 was better than the 23 f/2 optically. 50, I'm not sure. Eitherway, I would love to have the 1.4 but I probably need that extra af speed when I shot my kids running around like crazy. I fear that the AF on the 1.4 wouldn't be sufficent.

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