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I am inneed of some advise. I have both the xt2 and xpro2 and wish to get a flash sysrem. Which does this group feel is the best match; Godox AD200, Nissin or the Fuji x500. Thank everyone for your consideration.


Jed Best

Depends on the features you're looking for. I'm not familiar with any of those flashes or what they offer. I use the Yongnuo YN-560 IV with the X-Pro2 and they're great. All manual, simple. Edited by nathan.mardin
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I prefer the godox system. For Fuji, it's all manual flash like the yongnuo, but they have a much more comprehensive flash system that all works together. Godox also recently announced they will be supporting Fuji TTL in the very near future. My favorite part about the Godox system are the Li-Ion batteries! 

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The AD200 Godox is brilliant. Does HSS/TLL and is just fine with slower shutter speed settings too. I have been testing it in the last few days and I am going to be very happy with this unit, both indoors and outdoors. As someone else said those batteries - at last no more AA batteries. In the studio no cables to trip up over. Outside on a light stand, easy to set up.


The trigger though takes a little getting used to but it works.

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I recently bought an x-Pro2 and needed to use an off camera flash. I own the EF-20 and borrowed an inexpensive transmitter/receiver trigger set (FlashFire by PhotoFlex), The test button on the transmitter fired the flash but there was no communication with the camera no matter what settings I used. In fact the selector wheel didn't work for flash settings. Then I read someone's post saying change from Electronic Shutter to Mechanical Shutter. This did the trick. The selector wheel worked, I was able to modify the flash settings and more importantly the camera triggered the flash. For some reason I had to experiment with the shutter speed, 125th a sec is where I ended up. I was surprised as there are a lot of posts saying only a few trigger systems will work with X cameras. Just goes to show you never can tell. 


Edited by Ken_Udle
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      GFX 50S. Hello, I'm trying to use my Metz 45CT plugged into the PC socket. I have the settings right but the flash is being triggered twice on every shot! Front Curtin mechanical shutter. Mode set to manual. Why is it triggering twice? Once on shutter release then one as it closes...? Got me totally beaten.
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      Hello. I just acquired a EF X20 Flash. I put it on the hot shoe but my XT2 (firmware 4.40) recognizes it as in sync terminal. So I can only acces the Manual mode (the TTL Mode in Flash Settings is grayed out). The flash does fire on Manual, but the TTL is not working.
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      Hi all. Your assistance / advice will be greatly appreciated.
      I use an XT3, and acquired the Godox 350 and Godox X1T remote trigger. For some reason, the remote trigger will not fire the flash off-camera. The following may be relevant:
      When I have both the remote trigger and the flash off the camera, the test button on the remote trigger does fire the flash. When the flash is on the camera, I works perfectly in all modes. When the remote trigger is on the camera, it fires the flash when I press the test button on the remote trigger When I press the shutter it does NOT fire the flash. When the remote trigger is on the camera, the only flash setting available are Off and Manual. From the above, it would seem to me tat both the flash and the remote trigger in fact work, but that either:
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      Regards and take care.
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      Hi guys,
      Hope you're all well.
      My Fuji randomly stopped turning on a few weeks ago. The screen turns on but not completely (as seen on the attachments). Changing to the Viewfinder also doesn't work, shutter doesn't go off...nothing works. When I turn it off, the screen stays on; I have to remove the battery for my camera to shut down. I've interchanged between my 3 batteries multiple times, and the problem persists.
      I've looked for solutions on forums, but never found anything that fits. Tried updating the firmware through an SD card but the camera won't even turn on for the update to begin in the first place.
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      I have a quick question regarding the XT-2.  I jumped from a Canon 40D to the XT-2 some time ago.  I love the camera and the feel and output are fantastic for me.  With that said, I have noticed that I have a harder time (on the Fuji) transferring what I see in my viewfinder to my computer screen.  In other words there seems to be a disconnect between what I see in the computer and what I remember being in the viewfinder.  I don't think it is a color or exposure issue, maybe a framing?  Not quite sure.  Do I simply need more experience with the camera?  I'm using a 18-55 for both cameras.  Thank you.
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