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X30 Display and EVF flickers when zooming -

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Does anyone else notice the display flickering during zooming in AF-S mode?


Can someone else with an X30 please check if yours does the same thing.  If it does, it may be a design 'feature', if it doesn't then I will need to send my camera back as it appears to have a fault.


Whilst I am zooming from wide to tele, with shutter release half-pressed and the focus is thus locked, I hear a sound (like the autofocus-mechanism sound) from the front of the camera.  Each click is accompanied with a bright flicker on the screen.


This is repeatable.  When zooming from wide to tele it clicks 3 times, through the range from wide to tele.  it does it every time. When zooming the other way (with shutter release still half-pressed), then I hear the same three clicks, but there is no screen flicker in that zoom direction.


I am assuming the the X30 is re-focusing during zooming whilst the shutter is half-pressed.


The flicker happens in the EVF as well as the LCD.  I have IS switched off, and also advanced anti-blur is switched off.


It is not related to fluorescent light flicker, as it was doing it in daylight this morning.


It does not flicker if focus is locked with AF/AE lock button.


It does not flicker in MF when zooming.


Therefore, I deduce this to be autofocus-related, and may be some interference between the AF-mech electronics and the display.


Firmware was 1.01, I updated to 1.03 and the behaviour is the same.


Can anyone with an X30 please check your camera's behaviour for me please?


FWIW, the X10 doesn't do that, probably because it won't refocus during zooming with the release half-pressed.


Thanks in advance.

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