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Photomicrography with Fujifilm X-System

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Greetings! I have an old light microscope that I used to do photomicrography with back in the '70's, and I would like to get back into it, using my Fuji X-Pro 2, However, I need an inexpensive adapter that would faciliate connecting the camera to the ocular (eyepiece) of the microscope. Many years back, I used a simple adapter that had an adjustable ring slider that enabled lenses of various diameters to attach to the microscope, but alas, no longer have access to it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! Regards, Steve email: steve@totalqualityphoto.com 

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There are expensive Fuji> Microscope adapters





But you can get this cheaper with a little creativity



I guess that the easiest fix is to buy a T2>microscope adapter and then a T2 >Fujifilm FX



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