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Fuji XT2 / XT20 LCD & EVF screen flickering?

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Hi everyone,

  • Quite often, under artificial lights, the screen of both the LCD and the EVF of my Fuji XT20 is flickering/flashing quickly, making shooting unpleasant.
  • This video shows the issue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWk6i_udD34
  • When I turn the camera OFF, then ON again, there is an intense flickering at the beginning, but all flickering disappears after 1 second (but the issue might occur again a few minutes later).
  • The issue is present in both normal and high performance mode.

1) Does this happens to anyone else? I would also be interested to know if you don't experience this issue.

2) If it is caused by the reaction of the LCD/EVF to the fluorescent/LED lighting operating at a certain frequency, why is the issue temporary resolved by turning the camera OFF, then ON again?


Thank you!


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Guest Robert Lane

That doesn't look like flickering, that looks like the screen refresh rate changing based on brightness.  Make sure you have the latest firmware installed and it it persists send it in for service.

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Guest Robert Lane

Actually I'm noticing similar issues on my X-T2 with the newest firmware.


I see it both in the EVF and LCD; especially around FL light sources it's really bad.  This looks exactly like seeing the raster line in the older TV screens when shot with a video camera, you'd get that faded line scrolling up and down based on frame-rate and shutter speed.  I'm also seeing noise patterns in low light.


I think there's a larger issue going on here.


I'm going to submit this as a service request and see what kind of response I get and post results here.

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Guest Robert Lane

In contacting Fuji support they are unaware of this issue, however my unit does it and so does another copy that a local dealer has.  So apparently this is a hardware bug (maybe a firmware update will fix this?)


Here's my video showing it's existence in both EVF and LCD:




I've sent this info to Fuji and they're going to investigate, so if you have an X-T2 with this issue I'd highly suggest you contact Fuji support and fill out a Warranty Repair form (Google it) and send it in.

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My X-T2 suffers the same problem. Not only artificial light, also bright daylight, sun, ...

Flickering occurs in "manual exposure preview on", with "off" there is no flickering. :D

Flickering occurs both in AF mode "S" and "M" - most interestingly :unsure: 

Using AF mode "C" flickering disappears :D

EVF Auto brightness yesterday triggered the problem, today issue comes in Auto brightness and also manual brightness... :o

power mode does not affect the issue.

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