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New member, with lifestyle images from XE-2 and X 100

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Hello from Ottawa Canada. I am an avid Fuji user, with both an XE-2 and X 100T (replacing an X 100). My interests are primarily sports photography (I still use a Canon Mk IV for sports most of the time) and active living imagery (for which I use the Fuji cameras). Hopefully the long awaited for X Pro 2 will put me in a position to do all my photography, including sports, with Fuji gear.


I am attaching a couple of my favorite active living images in case anyone out there is interested, one from each of my Fuji cameras. (paddler and dog taken from my kayak, holding X 100 at water level

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 ; snowshoe shot taken with XE-2 and 18 - 55 zoom

Welcome, dear visitor! As registered member you'd see an image here…

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    • I've been on the fence about the X-H2s primarily due to price. I preordered the 150-600 and cancelled the order because I wasn't seeing any wildlife (primarily birds) photos that I thought were any better than what my X-H1 and 70-300+1.4TC are producing. Perhaps my success rate of BIF and the ability to zoom in closer would have made photographing birds a little easier but shelling out $4,500 for the out fit is a little too much for a retired hobbyist on a fixed income. I've decided to see what
    • Understood. There are so many facets to a new camera that it is bound to create much different opinions, especially when it comes to what was added and deleted over prior models. Glad your enjoying your H2s, that is really what it is all about, enjoying our hobby no matter what our taste differences.,  Thanks again and regards, GO
    • Yes - I didn't mention build quality - I don't have an X-H1 to compare but I certainly have no complaints about the X-H2S. Its rock solid and all buttons and dials work exactly as they should - no unnecessary play. It gives every impression it will continue working for years. I haven't yet had need to test the weather sealing but everything fits well together - and in fact the removal of the AF mode switch and dial press switches are only going to improve the overall weather resistance. As
    • Ken can get a bit long winded but he gets his points across. The concerns that he has which you consider trivial are important to me and obviously Ken as well. His take on no better or worse image quality, murky he and others called it was most important in my view I am an X-H1 owner and adore the camera and its build quality so no doubt I am a bit prejudiced, but I really expect much more from a 2500 dollar flagship over two years in the making Greybeard.. Thanks for your in
    • The problem I have with the review is that it doesn't address what I think is the main advantage of the camera for stills photographers i.e. speed and improved autofocus. He says that face/eye detection has not improved over the X-T4 but does not address subject tracking (beyond the comment that animals should not have been divided into birds and others which I agree with). If you don't test the camera for its abilities to shoot wildlife and sports its difficult to come up with any conclusi
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