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Here are two full sized JPEGs exported at 100% quality.


One is Iridient X-Transformer for Windows


The other is Photo Ninja




ISO 800 on an XPro2 | 50-140mm at f/2.8


At 100% viewing, I prefer Photo Ninja. It looks smoother, while maintaining detail. The file from Iridient has lots of artifacting, I believe.


I could be using Iridient wrong, as I've only had it for about half an hour, but nothing I do can match the detail and natural look of Photo Ninja. 

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UPDATE - I saw in another thread, someone had suggested better settings for using X-Transformer. Turning off noise reduction and turning off sharpening in the X-Transformer dialog box fixes the strange artifacts in the fine detail and brings the final product up to the same quality as Photo Ninja. Also, when using Photo Ninja, you get a really weird starting point that you have to wrangle to get back to a normal looking photo, and getting pleasing colors is a long task. Not so with X-Transformer which just spits out a nice sharp clean normal looking file with a couple of clicks.

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