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Fuji X-T20 Kit with 18-55mm f2.8-4 or 16-50mm f3.5-5.6 + 50-230mm f4.5-6.7

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Hi all,


Photography is my hobby for a few years now. Before now I used the Canon eos 600D from my Grandmother, because I never had the money to buy my own camera.


This semester (I'm an exchange Student from Germany) I also take a photography class in my High School. And now I really want my first own camera. After comparisons I decided to buy the Fuji X-T20. (My Hostdad bought an used X-T1, since then I’m in love with Fuji Cameras)

The Prices here and in Germany are almost the same so i probably wait until I go back, but I have one big question left: I don’t know which kit I should buy.

In Germany I could get the Fuji X-T20 with the 18-55mm f2.8-4.0 for 1199 . But I could also get the 16-50mm f3.5-5.6 plus the 50-230mm f4.5-6.7 for 1199 €. Now my question: which Kit should I buy? Is the 18-55mm really so much better or should I get the Kit with two lenses?


I also want to buy a prime lense, that would be a little bit later then. Maybe the 35mm or 50mm f2.0. (I would be happy about suggestions for the first lens I should buy after the Kit lens!)


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Get the 18-55 and buy the 50-230mm on its own.


There is no doubt that you will be better served by the exceptional quality of the 18-55 compared to the 16-50.


With respect this 16-50 is not the complement to a camera like the X-T20, this is the lens made for a camera like the X-A3 , nothing wrong with that but a different animal. If you are into family snapshots and selfies, that is precisely what you need. If you are into more quality oriented photography you don’t want the 16-50.


On the other hand, I am a very enthusiastic owner of the 50-230, but I don’t use long focal lenses very much. This is the perfect lens to have for, just in case.


Buy the kit lens before and only THEN decide whether you need a prime lens already covered by that!


I owned the 35 f1.4 and sold it because I had bought the 18-55 and was not using the 35 anymore.

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I have heard good things about the cheaper XC lenses, but I would also recommend the XF18-55mm. It is surprisingly good as a kit lens and has a larger aperture than the XC16-50mm. The image quality of the XC16-50mm may be fine, but you will really appreciate the XF18-55mm for shooting in lower light, moving subjects, and more subject isolation with the shallower depth of field. The build quality of the XF18-55mm is also better. When it comes to the telephoto zooms, the XF55-200mm becomes similarly priced to the XC50-230mm during the lens sales Fuji does in the United States (not sure about in Germany). I hope you are enjoying your time here in the US. I hope to get to Germany to visit someday. You have some amazing architecture and so much to see.

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you can easily find the 50-230 for €150 secondhand, I don’t think that this is a price quality would be easy to beat, not even in a “ cheap “ offer.


I bought one new for that price sold by someone who had bought a X-A1 with 16-50 and 50-230.

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In my opinion, if you buy the 16 - 55 f2.8 you'll never look back (though you may then lust for the 50 - 140 f2.8 just to complete things in two perfect zooms).


As a 'senior' photographer (so to speak) my main reason for owning my last three Fujifilm cameras is their exceptional lens quality; and I never thought I would find myself using zooms again, until now.

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Definately buy the kit lens, its a stunner and even though i now have some lovely primes I regret having sold it, and often think of picking another up.


At 18mm its the best lens in the line up, I would buy it again and happily use it as a 18mm F2.8 prime. in a kit with my 35mm and 90mm that would be a very very useful walkaround kit.


Re prime lens, if you are going to get a prime then get the 35mm F1.4, i know everyone raves about the F2, but if you own the 18-55mm its very sharp at 35mm and focus's very fast, you might as well go for something with bokeh and that prime wow factor from the get go. Again you can pick up a S/H 35mm F1.4 for the same money as the F2 new at the mo which is crazy. Oh and don't listen to the it focus's slow stuff, yes its slower than some of hte newer lenses, but on the X-T2/X-T20 generation it focus's very fast, fast enough for what you will want to use it for, its not for shooting sports, for everything else its now fast enough, especially in SIngle AF mode.



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