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Dear Fujifilm...

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Please stop saying people are triggered when they simply disagree with you, its a phrase that should be saved for serious situations where someone has suffered a form of abuse and the content being discussed is genuinely likely to cause them emotional distress, trivializing its use as a put down in a thread such as this belittles you and this forum.




Sure. As long as the disagreements do not devolve into ad hominem I'm on board.

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On 3/23/2017 at 12:16 PM, OleDK said:

Bugger! All my Fuij cameras are now useless because of design choices made by Fuji. No IBIS and no fully articulated screen. I will sell them.

Sooooo...everything I brought up here has come true. Are you going to abandon Fuji now like you said?

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On 4/12/2017 at 5:17 PM, FotoGeek said:


Oh dear....do I really have to explain this? 


You implied that the lack of certain features was holding you back, you didn't actually say "The lack of features is holding me back"! 


"We need fully articulated touch screens. Fully articulated and touch enabled. It's inexcusable. If I'm in front of the camera, I need to be able to see myself or the subject I'm assisting." 

"The next item is IBIS. Now I know that folks are going to groan as they ALWAYS do. Fuji fanatics are passionate about their cameras. But In Body Image Stabilization is a must have." 


If the lack of these features were not holding you back then you wouldn't NEED any of them now would you? 

Wel well well well well...look at what we have here in 2020. Not only do we have IBIS...we have articulated touch screens. Looks to me like I'm owed an apology.

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On 4/10/2017 at 8:42 PM, jlmphotos said:


You know you are very argumentative. OF COURSE it will add weight and bulk!  It's simple physics.  Have you compared the depth of the X-T1 and the 2?  It certainly does make a difference in moving parts/gears, etc.  Jesus...

No one has to tell me the sky is blue either that's where common sense comes in to play.  Nobody cares about your pocket computer/camera/phone.

Just wanted to check in and make sure you haven't sold off all of you gear. I've not forgotten all of the nasty things youve said to me over the years telling me that I had it all wrong. That we don't need IBIS or fully articulated screens yet here we are in 2020 with THOSE EXACT FEATURE REQUESTS THAT I NEVER ABANDONED. You were wrong. Are you man enough to admit that you got it wrong?

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I was not here when this thread happened and I did not take part in it, but having read through it now I would say that although epscott held his stance in a very military manner, which some others obviously could not tolerate well, he stated his opinions to which he had his full right and he did not deserve the negative reactions that he got. He addressed Fujifilm in his post and his requirements are obviously valid for a big enough group of users and that led to Fuji creating a camera with those features present, alongside other cameras without them for users who have other priorities. Technically his opinions were correct. +1 epscott. My 2 cents.

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    • I can't speak for the X-T4 but I currently have an X-T3 and X100V and have previously owned an X-T30, X-T2, X100F and X100T (that's three generations of Fuji sensors). I shoot with my cameras set to RAW but then use X Raw Studio to 'develop' the images I want to keep so although I am technically using camera JPEGs I have the flexibility to adjust exposure, WB, film sim etc. before I process the JPEG. For me, I enjoy the constraints of a limited set of adjustments and there's a magic about t
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    • Just to provide a balance of views, I haven't missed the D-pad at all and yet I've also disabled all touchscreen functions, which to me feel gimmicky and unsuited to a camera like this. Fujifilm has to walk a very thin line in balancing the wants and needs of so many photographers and I think they do a good job overall. If you're regularly changing white balance, and film sims etc. on the fly then I can understand why the D-pad is important and a touchscreen replacement wouldn't cut it for me ei
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