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In need of pointers for using EF-X500 off-camera with HSS [Details inside]

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#1 HSSHasKilledMe



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Posted 17 March 2017 - 06:32 PM

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Hey everyone,


I really resent asking questions on the internet as I always do my research and reach a definitive answer. Really do need this community's help.


What I need:


  • I need to use EF-X500, off-camera with HSS. I will be covering an event (a massive event, I'm one of the eight photographers to cover it) that will last a whole week, and have only time until Monday to get my equipment sorted.



What I can/will NOT do and explanations:


  1. Can't buy a second EF-X500 — I would just to be over with this but I don't have the funds.
  2. Won't use a Canon TTL cord — I have had two actually and it's the most unreliable thing ever; Chinese knock-offs, of course. Where I am, I don't have the option to actually purchase an original Canon cord because they just do not exist here. I've looked.
  3. Can't buy into the Cactus family — Again, they don't exist in this country. And, funnily enough, I can't just order one (or two) off the internet because it will 90% get lost at the border. I've had this happen to me countless times since I was a child. Great place, I know.
  4. Can't use ND filters — I know, they mathematically produce similar results. But they are too cumbersome and I will never have the time to juggle those whilst shooting inside and outside, constantly.


My question:


  • Which triggers are known to be able to relay HSS signal to EF-X500 reliably? Aside from Cactus. 


HSS is vital in this coverage. I'm on the brink of renting a Canon 5D Mark III and get over with it but I don't want to, I love my X-Pro2 too much, I consistently produce fantastic photography using it, it's what I'm used to. I really do loathe large cameras that look and operate like a Playstation; I just want to shape light, make pictures and forget about the camera. Fujifilm helps me achieve this.


Thanks for reading and... have I said this? I need your help.

#2 Tan Chye Guan

Tan Chye Guan


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Posted 19 March 2017 - 03:27 PM

There are no options except with a master EF-X500 on the camera, reason is there is no way to enable the HSS on the remote EF-X500 except through the master or camera flash menu.


If you switch the flash to remote, you will notice there is no menu option to turn HSS on

#3 rckstflbn



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Posted 20 March 2017 - 06:08 PM

There most definitely is a solution,  though not "cheap".


Roboshoot by Serene Automation.   Their MX+ units support both TTL and HSS with any combination of supported  Fuji and Nikon flashes...  and interestingly the list of supported flashes keeps growing as more people use the Roboshoot system.   For example the Yongnuo 568ex apparently works perfectly with them and it's only a $90 flash.

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