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Not many people will have this combination of cameras, so not sure how many replies you will get.

Actually I wrote it just to let others know that X-A2 with 16MP bayer could be a better choice over X-T20 with X-Trans if you don't need extra 4K.

Probably even better than X-A3, I have a quick test of X-A3 comparing it to X-T20 ( I was deciding which to buy), so I took several shots with X-A3 and X-T20,

and X-A3 didn't give better results than X-T20, in some cases it was noisier. But it was a handheld shots, not from 100% exact position. So according to those shots I choose X-T20.

Probably not a good decision which I'm regretting now. Especially after I tested focus abilities of X-T20 in low light conditions. Which is almost identical to X-A2 if used with 56mm. 60mm, 90mm, 50-230mm

although it was pretty fast with 16mm 1.4, 30mm 1.4, much faster than X-A2.

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    • Hello photographers, - I am planning on launching a brand new Podcast for Digital Creators. It will be Fuji focused, but not exclusively. I want to cover photography, videography, audio recording, post production and some related business advice. I would like to include interviews with digital media creators and this is the reason for this post. Are you interested in being part of the show? I am looking to audio record interviews/chats with people from around the world. With the power of the internet, this can be through Skype, Zoom, VoIP or Facetime (for Apple users). Please send me a PM (Personal Message) if you are interested in joining this experimental project. Hope to hear from you!
    • For what it is worth, there is a person that goes by the name of Morris that has some approaches for birds in flight using long lenses on a X-T3 that may be of some help: https://www.fredmiranda.com/forum/topic/1594539/0 He is using a three box zone focus with center switching on continuous mode ... there are several pages in that thread with lots of discussion.
    • I hope to do some horse photography soon Jayne, so probably ask you some questions if that is okay.
    • Thanks so much! Really helpful and reassuring that I'm on the right track
    • Personally I don't mind the reduction of buttons and clutter on the back of the camera. It makes it better to grip but I will admit, I do not like touch screen. Fortunately most of my camera, I just needed 3 controls to be readily available, aperture, shutter speed and iso. As long as these 3 are quick to adjust, I am good to go. Looks like the XE-4 would be fine in term of that. The only thing I really hoped for was WR... would be a great little package to keep at all time rain or shine. We will have to see if that's the case as I compared to X100v spec sheet, also did not specify WR on the spec sheet. one can hope right? 
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