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X100F Impressions

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This is my take on X100F @ very early stage:

1. Those looking for range, old style camera the x100f is awesome. 
2. Color from RAW is beautiful, skin tone is excellent.
3. The joystick is excellent.
4. AF speed is fast, even in lower light
6. Film Simulation is great. Works better with LR profile

1. At wide open f2, lens kinda soft. Huge improve from f2.8 to smaller
2. EVF is not super, compared to my XT-2
3. No weather sealed
4. Some bugs in AF-C mode. I see new firmware coming soon. Not a show stopper though


Photos: https://dylannguyen.smugmug.com/Events/2017-03-07-Fuji-X100F-test-shots/



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I think images are absolutely gorgeous! I think it's quite sharp wide open in my opinion. Yes, at extreme macro distances it's soft, but even at normal macro(photos with baby and flower) it has this unique glow of a vintage lens while still being sharp at the point of focus. I'd take this glow and softness over perfect sharpness and increased size of the lens. I find it's rendering very pleasing and vintage. 

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Congratulations with your new 100F.


F2 has always been soft since the first x100.

No other evf can be compared to xt1/Xt2 evf.


Hope Fuji would redesign the lens to weather sealed & IQ similar to current f2 WR lenses. Until then, I'm having a lot of fun with X100F. 

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