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X-T20 First Impressions

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I'm surprised nobody has posted their thoughts on the X-T20...


I've had mine for a few days, so here goes. I'm coming from a X-T10... seemed like an obvious upgrade. The features that attracted me were better sensor, better AF, touch screen.


The cameras are physically almost identical... same size, shape and weight, just a couple of minor button changes. I like the form factor so that's great... and any accessories like grips and cases for the X-T10 will fit.


The user interface has evolved... instead of the numbered tabs in the menu system things are now organised into themed areas... image quality, AF, flash, movie, camera settings etc. There is also a "my menu" tab where you can add a screenful of items that you choose in the order you like. This is a good idea, but the settings you're allowed to put on there seem unnecessarily restricted (I couldn't add the "sound & flash" setting for example).


The viewfinder view is very similar... there are more AF points and more of them are phase detect, which is good. The zone mode areas are now all square (one was a rectangle before). There's a setting for the number of AF points... the default is "plenty" and you can go to "all you can eat"... you'd have to have a very small object or a very particular composition.


The LCD screens are the same, including the tilt mechanism, except the new one is touch. When you're shooting, the screen can be used to select an AF point (without focussing), to focus on a point, or to focus on a point and then shoot. You can select the operation on the screen itself by touching a small control area in the top right... it cycles through the options (or disables touch). Touching the screen has no effect when the screen is off... so your nose won't take a picture while you're at the viewfinder!


At playback time the touch screen let's you flick between images and zoom in and out with pinching. Double tap zooms to the focus point. There's no way to delete an image by touch, but maybe that helps avoid accidents. It's a small screen, so a bit fiddly compared to a phone. The menu system or the quick menu don't respond to touch... so maybe it's not as integrated as it could be.


One of the function buttons has gone, but the movie button is now a general purpose function button. You can assign these in the menu system or by a long press. The four direction buttons can be used for four functions or for directly moving the focus point. Both the control dials act as buttons too by pressing them... the rear one does "focus check" by default but you can assign it to something else if you like. The front one does very little by default and annoyingly you can't assign it (other way round on the X-T10... front is assignable and rear is fixed for focus check). That's perhaps the most annoying thing so far.


I haven't done any "proper" side by side tests... and I haven't explored the effect of the various image quality settings (sharpness, noise reduction etc), but I expect I will. The JPEGs seem to be around 11-12Mb and the raw files (now compressed!) are 25-30Mb. 24Mpixel gives lots of scope for cropping... here's a picture of the moon taken handheld with the 55-200 lens.



So, I can't believe I'm the only X-T20 user here... I'd like to hear your thoughts. And a question... does anyone know if it's safe to use the old batteries, or should I only use the W126S version?




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Picked up my X-T20 on February 23. It is additional to my X-T2. You have outlined all that it offers in some detail, so I won't go over it again.


Basically, I just have to say that I love it. It's great to have the image quality and focusing of the X-T2 in such a neat little package. Fuji has made a winner with this one. Fine back-up body and convenient to carry when I don't need all the features of the X-T2.



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Save to use older W126 for photos and the newer W126S for video (longer duration). The S has better heat containment technology to offset the heat from recording video for longer duration. If just few seconds clips here and there the older one should do just fine.

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Hi everyone,

Picked up my xt20 a couple of days ago. I also have thr xt2.

Very pleased, a lot smaller than the xt2 but I like it.


Regarding a previous vomment re the front command dial doing nothing. If you turn the exp compen dial to C then rotate the front command dial it will change the exp up and diwn by 5 stops I think. If it does nothing when you turn the dial, press it in first then try again.


Does anyone know of a good eyecup that will attach, it needs one?


Also awaiting the L brackets with the arca swiss mounts.


Its a super body to put your wide lenses on. When I use my 50-140 I will always use the xt2 with the power booster, my preference.

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Guest mikEm13

No sorry necessary. I watched a video of an Fuji exec and one of the things he addressed was the eyecups saying that the X-T1 and the X-T2 eyecups were interchangeable. He even showed how to remove and replace the cups. He did not mention the X-T20 and Im not familiar with the it. 

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Good sumup!


I'm also coming from the X-T10. I noticed some other minor differences. For example the shutter button is easier to click on the X-T20 and the back buttons make some more noise wenn clicking, but nothing annoying.

High ISO performance is visible better, but that's nothing new due to the same sensor as the bigger brothers.

As you mentioned, the missing Fn Button and the mother programmable front wheel is frustrating, especially when coming from the X-T10. I hardly need to change the exposure by more than 3 so this function is kinda useless for me.


The touchscreen is handy but scrolling through pictures is easier on any smartphone, you have to swipe longer with your finger to make the next picture appear. Could be changed view kaizen though...


The autofocus is great! I didn't have much time to test the Af-c performance though.


And Acros is awesome!


And one little thing, the playback button on my example is slightly crooked but who cares...

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I have had the X-T1 for 3 years and ordered the X-T20 thinking that I did not need all the features of the X-T2. It arrived Monday and I handled it, mounted my 35mm f/1.4 and took some photos. Autofocus is very quick, the touchscreen is nice for selecting focus point though not as handy as that on my X70 (since I'm usually shooting with the EVF) and Acros really is quite nice. All that said, I had to return it today; it's just too small.


I can't hold it with one hand even with the 35mm mounted without pushing the D-pad buttons with the base of my thumb (they do feel much better than the mushy ones on the X-T1 but those would be more appropriate on this camera). I can lock the D-pad but then can't move the focus point with any alacrity. (Appropriately, it takes a few seconds to lock and unlock). I mounted my 56mm f/1.2, 90mm f/2 and 18-55mm and they all feel quite unbalanced such that a one hand grip absolutely requires locking the D-pad. As much as I want to like this camera, I think it's just too small (and my hands are rather average-sized; 7 1/2 gloves). I thought about ordering the grip but I don't think that will solve the problem. What it needs is a bit more real estate to the right of the D-pad or less prominent buttons. Otherwise, it's a really great camera. I even think I could live with the smaller viewfinder which I was able to manage even with my eyeglasses on. I guess I will save my pennies and get the X-T2; or hold out for the X-T3.... ;) .

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Coming from the X-T10, I decided to go for the X-T20 over the X-T2 mainly because of the price difference. There was also a promotion here in Japan for a free MHG-XT10 grip which doubles as a permanent arca mount. For those who don't like the handling of the X-T10/20, I highly recommend the MHG-XT10, it makes a big difference. The weather sealing of the X-T2 would have been good, but since I don't have any WR lenses, I figured just go with the cheaper body and buy another lens...maybe the XF50mm F2 WR or XF56 F1.2? Opinions? I currently own the XF18-55 F2.8-F4, XF35mm F1.4, XF10-24mm F4, XC55-230 F4.5-6.7, and a Samyang 8mm F2.8. The X-T10 took wonderful pictures, but there were some things I didn't like which is why I wanted to upgrade.


I'm really impressed with the AF speed of the X-T20, and the deeper buffer was a welcome upgrade. The X-T10 buffer was a joke, but not a big issue if you don't shoot sports or wildlife. Overall I am very satisfied with the X-T20 as an upgrade to the X-T10, however, the one thing I don't like about the X-T20, or should I say, the X-Trans III sensor, is the sensor flare. If you shoot towards the sun (something I do from time to time), anything above F11 causes some nasty sensor flare - much worse than the X-T10 (X-Trans II). If this happens, you will just have to recompose or shoot at a wider aperture.


I think the X-T20 is a beast and I think anyone who buys it and learns the ins and outs of the camera will be very pleased.

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The eyecup from the X-T1 fits


You sure about this one?

I have the long eyecup on the X-T1\2 and its excellent, but looking at the X-T20 its a solid plastic mold thats part of the body, no way to fit the X-T1 cup.


I believe there is one that fits over but is massive

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  • 2 weeks later...

  I received my T20 with kit 18-55 last week, returned it today.  This was my first fuji purchase and was very excited when I opened the box, felt the cam and lens, very solid and seemingly well made.  After getting familiar with it and programming the buttons I would frequently use, I went out shooting.  First issue was that fn button on top, can't seem to activate it easily, far too flush the the cam body.  Next I noticed my hand would hit the right arrow when I picked up the body, not a biggie but there. Next I noticed the card was almost impossible to remove without taking the battery out first, although that seemed to improve over time.  Next the aperture ring on the kit lens, far too easily bumped when zooming or any touching of the lens.  And without markings on the lens, the only way you'd know the aperture changed would be constant monitoring of the f value in the finder, and I do mean constant.  Next, the EVF would flicker when panning in natural light, not the issue some noticed in florescent lighting.  This was intermittent, couldn't seem to get a handle on exactly when it would do it, but certainly not an acceptable.  The bracketing feature only allowed three frames, not the 5 or 7 my olympus allows. I do hear they have updated this on the T2 so I imagine it would be fixed at a future date.   I loved some of the features, direct dial for bracketing, and several ways to bracket.  Quick menu options, speed of AF, lightweight but solid.  Very sad to have had to return it.  I'd consider another body after they sort it out a bit, but sadly not the 18-55 with the loose aperture ring.  

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I have just picked up an Xt20 to hopefully replace my Xe2... I'm still going through everything, but I thought I just mention a couple of quick impressions;

(BTW I use the primes. In my initial tests the 35/1.4 and the 60 macro. I first of all upgraded the firmware of camera and lenses)

Note these a just my first impressions, I am making no real assertions... yet


- Don't buy this camera if you are after a massive improvement in RAW IQ. The new sensor is a only a minor upgrade in real world quality :( I can't really see much difference in my workflow, but hopefully I'll appreciate this more later. Noise at iso200 seems a bit worse(more worms), DR at higher numbers seems a bit better, but its just not a major improvement. Printing at A3  is just as fantastic as the xe2 :)


- The AF is  not much improved with the 60 macro... I think this lens is just a bad AF performer.  I had not expected it to be faster, but had hoped for less hunting and better macro AF, but it is just as boneheaded as it always was. For macro I turned AF off and used manual focus as usual.


- Using the 60 as a normal lens resulted in quite a few missed shots. I tried to focus on a bird in a tree(cropping test), but the camera seemed to consistently focus 2-3 metres behind the bird. Perhaps i've just got  a bad lens(its wonderfully sharp)


- Using the 35/1.4 in daylight I can still get hunting, but it generally worked well.


- Coming from the xe2, that general handling is ... interesting. The camera is quite small, and I had not realized how accustomed I had become to raising the camera to my right eye. My nose seems in the way now, and the EVF doesn't seem to be as immersive, I seem to be looking *at* the finder, where as with the xe2 I am *in* the finder. I also noticed the flicker in the EVF, hopefully Fuji will fix this.


- Not sure what I'd use the articulating screen or auto lever for.


Despite all the nitpicking I'm having lots of fun, and I can remember it took me a while to get the hang of the xe2, so I'll stick with it....



The main take away so far is not to expect a huge image quality difference.



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    • Any update on this issue? My xpro3 was purchased earlier this year, still under warranty. But I cannot turn it on at all. After a shoot last Saturday, I left it on its shelf and picked it up to shoot this morning: totally unresponsive. Tried 4 different Fuji batteries all charged. No luck. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you. 
    • The reply I received from Fuji back a while ago   “Thank you for your patience regarding this issue.     After speaking to our camera service engineers, they told me there is no coating on the new cameras and while the new LCD panels have a similar colour gamut, they are no longer calibrated by the factory in the same way that they used to be.   They believe this changed around the end of 2019 but they weren't sure.  Nothing that should make a black and white image look sepia though, the LCD will be slightly warmer out of the box.   In the same way that most TV screens and monitors are not colour calibrated from the factory, the LCD screens on our cameras are not either and instead have the option to be adjusted manually by the end user to their preference.   I appreciate this is probably not what you are looking for, but this is how the new generation of cameras are made” I tested a GFX50s I store that was traded in. No issues with the lcd - Seems the more money you spend the lcd is then properly calibrated. The lower end cameras under 1K they ain’t.    very sad to see
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