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Wondering if some of you know of a good, reliable USB charger for the NP-95 battery. Need one to charge NP-95s from a battery pack, for those times when access to power outlets is limited or unavailable.


(I use the X100S so I can't charge through the camera itself)


Thanks in advance


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Try this

Fit the CP-95 coupler in the camera battery compartment

Connect the USB to Dc plug to the CP-95 and then to the Powerbank

Note: The power bank must supply 5Volts 2A








This gives you a longer life useable system approx 8x the normal battery life


The other option is 




Use the power bank to charge on the move


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      I have  recently bought X100F and use card reader only the first time. Now i tried the usb cable that was shipped with the camera. It charged the camera but it didn't connect.
      Because i have had this issues before with other things, i can give my solution.
      1. It is rarely a driver issue, don't go there first!
      2. Use a good thick cable with a RF-filter on. It wasn't on the cable i got but it is a cable with a visible outgrowth, usually on one side only.
      3. Don't use a USB3. Use USB2.0 (the one without the blue inside)
      4. Don't connect to monitor or a hub. Connect directly to MAC/PC/Laptop
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      Ideally I would like to charge via USB, this way I can charge in the car or possibly connect some kind of solar panel (?) if i'm outdoors for extended periods of time.

      I don't really know anything about voltages, amps, AC/DC etc and need some guidance here. As far as I understand it, the NP-W126 is a 7v battery and usb only charges up to 5v? I'd like to charge two batteries at once using my current muti-charger if possible. I have this one. 
      I'd love some help, i'm totally lost here!

      Also, I have about 4 spare batteries but doubt that will cut it. I have a tendency to go camping for months on end.

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    • I actually shipped my camera to Fuji Service Center in NJ, after several calls they told me I will need my shutter to be replaced (which will cost me $270 as it's out of warranty). I'm really not quite sure if it's the shutter issue as for my case the camera works fine without the flashlight, and I actually tried my friend's Fuji XT3 camera using the same Godox flash settings and his camera experienced the same lock up issue as well. I ended up not proceeding with the fix. But this lock up issue remains unsolved. 
    • Hi Fathom: I called Fuji tech support in the US.  They told be they were unaware of a lock-up issue with firmware version 4.00.  Hmmm. Based on your comments and others on this thread there is going to being mounting evidence that firmware 4.0 is causing lock-up issues on the X-T3 that were not there with previous firmware releases.  Everyone on this forum that are having lock-up issues with their X-T3 and firmware release 4.00 need to report what is going on to Fuji so they can get this fixed. Don Barar
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