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I’ll show you my recycled bag, show me yours!

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Recycling is the best way to save energy for the planet and money for yourself and the best way to save money is not spending it if you don’t need to. 


This is not necessarily a stingy attitude. 


The more money you save re-using things that you already have around the house, the more you will have to make that important purchase down the line.


The bonus for us all is not chucking things away in a landfill.


The price of photographic bags, these days, is simply gone ridiculous. I own a nice leather and large bag which serves me perfectly if I want to carry my camera and all the accessories on a trip abroad ( and clothes too). But yes, I don’t always need that big bag.


So, I dug out an old bag, changed the strap with another one from yet another bag I already had. and I was in business.


My original ’70 photographic case with leather on an aluminum frame was ready to go. Body and two lenses ( 18-55 + 50-230) I can go anywhere and do almost anything, of course I can choose other lenses too ( the front pocket gives you even more space for some other things that you may need)




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Nice, looks like a Polaroid or Hasselblad case?

Won't work for me though my Zero Halliburton is still crammed with Nikon F-3 stuff and the humongous Tamarc bag is stuffed with Bronica ETRS stuff. All of which needs to be recycled. Of course. Is like abandoning a favorite pet

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yes, well, of course you can keep all the equipment that you no longer use  ( why not? You could at least use the lenses?) in a bag that that you can’t use because it contains the equipment that you no longer use.


Anyway, tere are collectors out there who would buy all the things that you don’t use and you could put the money to good use.


I don’t think this was any special a bag, just a bag.

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