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I have used cameras for a long time, none of them weather sealed, without any damage from water or dust.In fact I don't recall it even being an issue.But now I am deciding between an xt2 and xt20 ,mainly on this basis and the $700 price difference.I will never be out in the rain with this gear, but it will be exposed to ordinary dust, and perhaps high tropical humidity.I am leaning towards the xt20.This has perhaps been covered before, but I can't find a search function.

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I live in a high humidity area and never had any issues with my X-E2 or X100T with the humidity so you would probably be fine. I think you would need to consider the larger EVF, larger buffer, and the joystick all as considerations too to justify the price difference.

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the search engine is at the top right


this is one of the threads dealing with this issue, somewhat, I’ve found it with the search engine.




most of us have no real use for the weather sealing but, like so many things, many feel that once it is there , not having it is like missing out on something, even if they will most probably never use it.


Perhaps it perceived as a sort of emasculation to not have the best , the top, of anything. I’ve often been rebutted that “ i do it because I can afford it” .


I personally wouldn’t make it, unless you are sure to use it, the criterium to buy a camera. WR costs a lot of money as opposed to a camera without that.


for pennies one can buy a rain hood



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Dust will always get in... you open the doors to fit the battery or SD card and there goes the dust resistance!


I lot of user experiences with water ingress are down to luck and also the fact that if water gets into the camera, then it might take weeks or even months before corrosion makes a problem


If you're chosing between 2 cameras with the same features and the same cost, but one is weather proof, and one isn't pick - pick the weather proof one


But in a more real world scenario, its the other features that should draw your attention IMO,


I asked Fuji just how weather proof their cameras were and they answered (paraphrasing here) that they can withstand a lot of rain, but dry them off asap because standing water on the body can seep in.


That said I wouldn't take my Fuji into the shower or clean it under the tap!

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most people don’t have this kind of accident and I am not sure that it would be wise to buy a WR camera just in case you were ever to spill coffee (by you or someone else) on your camera.

I had, but then with cola. Ouch!


OTOH, I have walked outside in a drizzle with my X-E1 several times, and it does not seem to have affected the camera so far.

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One could walk around with an helmet just in case one bumps his head.


People do, rarely, bump their head...it is not unheard of. Almost none thinks of wearing an helmet just in case.


Most of the times would be useless and you will pay for a useless helmet and never use it.


The great majority of camera users are weekend warriors shooting pictures of girlfriends and (grand-)children, flowerbeds and sunny landscapes.


Despite this, I know of several such weekend warriors having WR camera and lenses ( of course as light efficient as possible and shooting way above ISO 1600 too but no waxing please!).


I wonder if they need any of that or they are  just buying everything they think qualifies a proper photographer but then do what they do the way they could have done with any camera.

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One could walk around with an helmet just in case one bumps his head.


People do, rarely, bump their head...it is not unheard of. Almost none thinks of wearing an helmet just in case.


Most of the times would be useless and you will pay for a useless helmet and never use it.

That actually was used as an argument against moped helmets in the 1970's ;)

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to not use them as protection when you are NOT driving a bike? :ph34r:


If you hit the road at even just 25Km an hour with your unprotected head the weaker one is going to break and I predict it is your head .


Anyway put your camera under your jacket and nothing will happen to you.


Spend as little as $10 buy a raincoat for cameras like the one above and be happy singing in the rain, no need to spend over $1000 more

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Just in the name of accuracy here, folks, none of the cameras under discussion are specified by their manufacturers to be "weather sealed". They are specified to be "weather resistant". I see folks using the term "weather-sealed", and it's inaccurate terminology.


Weather-sealed and "weather-resistant are not the same terms or specifications, at all.  This difference in terminology and, more to the point, engineering specification is important, and the reason its that none of these cameras are warranteed for repair for any ingress of water, water vapor, or moisture.


Adzman808's comments that the cause of failure modes resulting from moisture ingress is usually corrosion is also accurate, and can take take weeks or months to develop. Since the spread of corrosion in electronics is insidious, there's no way to repair the camera; and it generally has to be scrapped. This is another reason that manufacturers will not warranty the camera to be weather-sealed or against the ingress of moisture. 

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The one and only occasion I thanked for the "splash resistance" of my (ex-) X-T1 was when I spiiled milkshake over it: after my initial shock I removed battery and card and shook it under a faucet (low water pressure) to "dilute" and remove the milkshake... Left to dry and later in the day it was working perfectly, although milkshake did got into the recesses and under the dials...  :blink:

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