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XF23mmF1.4 - blurred, soft and not sharp as advertised?


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Hi there,


First of all, many thanks for your great work. I really appreciate this forum. Two weeks ago my XF23mmF1.4 arrived and I was so happy to test it.


I already own an XF35mmF1.4 and a XF16-55mmF2.8WR and I really would like to add this focal length to my lenses, since I always loved shooting at 23mm (35mm eq.) in the past.


I was suddenly disappointed by the lens. Since the first shot it produced images that are blurred and in some way soft. Obviously, I know that I cannot expect the best at f/1.4, and I also know that the compare with the XF35mm is not fair. With all this background of knowledge, however, results are not possible given the cost and the buzz that surround this lens.


I have attached to sample.


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The first one is shot both at f/2.8 on the XF23mm and on the XF16-55 at 23mm zoom level. As you may see with your eyes even the zoom lens is worst and at the maximum aperture it produce a better quality image without blur and softness.



In the second example I just shooted at f2 on the XF23mm and at f2.8 on the XF50-140mm in a sunny day without any "critical condition". Even in this case, the XF23mm output is blurred without any sharp.


I returned the lens to FUJIFILM asking for a replacement or a complete refund. I am absolutely disappointed by this experience.


All comments are welcome.



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there have been reports of lenses which were internally misaligned, this can be very nasty to spot.


I recently got a different lens ( not the 23) which showed erratic slowing down of the aperture and was producing shots that were no way showing the depth of field that one could have expected.


Unfortunately these things are difficult to spot at first glance and require some testing.


In some cases, you can be sure that some users with little time on their hands won’t even be able to spot the problem until weeks after the purchase.


Here is when having dealt with a reputable shop comes into its own.


A less than accommodating shop (or one on line) will send this for repair, another will simply replace it or return the money.


I did buy a 23mm with my former XE-2 and kept it for a few weeks, the lens was great and performed admirably but it was too big for me.

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It sounds like you have a bad copy. I had the XF 23mm f1.4 lens and found it to be very sharp. When the XF 23mm f2 was released, I sold my f1.4 version and opted for the smaller, lighter f2 version. Both are great lenses.



Bud James



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