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xt1 Focus Lock on Half-Pressed Shutter for multiple shots needed


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Hi guys, I'm new in the forum. Have had an x100s for almost 4 years and I always loved it. It has always been my travel camera. But I always found a limitation to it and I thought bigger and more professional Fuji cameras wouldn't have it.


For my professional work (fashion/advertising/food photography) I was using a nikon D800e (always been a nikon photographer, until my x100s made me think about it).


Recently, I traded my nikon gear (body and three lenses) for a Fuji xt1 gear with a friend (two bodies, three lenses).


NOW, I find something majorly dissapointing:


I need the shutter button to hold a focus lock when kept half pressed after the first shot.


further explanation? I focus on a subject with a half press of the shutter (most cameras in the world will give you a beep sound to check that focus was acquired, something else I'm missing in the Fuji) and then I either recompose or just stay with the same framing, but I continue pressing the shutter many times to get many shots, always lifting my finger enough for the new shot, but not so far to unpress completely. So I keep the Half-press and the focus stays locked in the first setting (the first time I pressed)...


Xt1 fails to do this and the only solution I've found so far is to use the Back Button AF-L. This could work, but why use two buttons when it could be just one (and it could have a beep for focus acquisition). Does this bother anyone else?


Also, lastly, anyone knows if the xt2 or the xpro2 behave the same way? According to this video xpro2 has a system like I want, but can someone confirm this? Cause if its like this, I'm switching one xt1 to the xpro2.  Xt2 maybe too?


Thanks guys, and I really hope this could appear in the future in firmware updates.


All the best to all


Sergio Miranda



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With the X-T1 in auto focus mode you can  set the AEL button to On/Off switch. This way you press the ael button once and it locks your current focus. You can release the button and the focus stays locked. Then take as many pictures as you want.


In manual focus mode use the ael button to lock focus. Press it and camera focusses focus locks. Then take as many pictures as you want. 

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Like what cprevost said, it's better to decouple the AF from the shutter trigger. That is also how it can be done on other brands cameras, e.g. my old Canon could do the same trick.

Depending on what apertures you use, the focus & recompose method may not give the best results. Especially with the 56/1.2 @ 1.2 just a slight movement already causes a big shift in what is in focus. I have tried to learn myself to move the focus points around instead, or use the face detection feature. When it works, it is a very nice feat.

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Hi my name is Des from the UK new to this forum. Thank you for answering the question on locking focus on a XT1 it was a question I needed to ask as I was a little confused. I am just an amateur. Photography is a hobby and hopefully I shall enjoy my new hobby and undoubtedly pick up some good tips from this forum.

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