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I've been trying to get my X-T2 with attached battery grip and mounted lens (32mm) into my Tenba DNA-13, but's been a challenge. To get the camera to fit I have to remove the lens and use the body cap. I really love this bag for travel because I can carry it on the plane and have my camera stuff, 13" MBP and iPAD. I'm sure it can be done, but I just haven't figured it out yet.


Does anyone else have a challenge of carrying a camera with battery grip and lens in a messenger bag?



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This is exactly my problem. I want a quality bag that will hold the X-T2 with the power booster grip and 18-55. I also want to carry another lens like the 55-200 and maybe a smaller prime. I'm not too concerned about a laptop, though up to a 13" would be a nice feature. It's difficult to find recommendation for the gripped X-T2. I don't want anything so large that it will be a pain to carry all day while traveling. I've looked at Think Tank Urban Disguise and Tenba DNA bags, but have not found one that works for me yet. Anyone find a solution that works for them?

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Have any of you guys checked out the Think Tank Citywalker 10, or 20?  Or the Retrospective 5, or 7 series?  I own the Citywalker 30 which is very large bag especially for mirrorless, but I will say it holds up to a 15" MBP.  I did it two part review on my blog if anyone is interested in it.  You can go to my blog in my signature.  Please note I get no monetary gain from TT, or from any advertising so I just put it out there as information.

Good Luck

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