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Hot shoe flash for X H-2 Camera

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I'm not sure but I think this is the first time I've used this forum to ask a question, and if I'm out of line, please know that I'm open to correction.

I'm at 77 yrs and my mental retention is much shorter now, and I apologize ahead of time if I'm in error.

I'm hoping that someone on the forum can provide some good advice about which top of line flash unit is best to use on the X-H-2 Camera. 

I've had the camera for a year now and I'm still learning and the manual is so large and somewhat difficult to use (for me anyway)

I've heard too many negatives about the Fujifilm 500? flash unit. I'm not sure if other brands can be discussed on this forum.

Any help will be much appreciated. 

Thank you, John W.

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The response above is an automated response by this site and it is just an advertisement, presumably to help cover the running costs. 
Regarding your question, I am not a pro so take this with a grain of salt, but I have been using Godox flashes for a few years without any issues. The Li-Ion powered ones are strong and a charge lasts long. I have the X-ProF radio remote, the V860IIF (hot-shoe) and the AD200. There are newer ones in the meantime. They are very good value for money, I think. 


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Posted (edited)

Hello George, Thank you so much for the info! I did do some research after posting my question, and I feel as you do after reading articles and reviews, and looking at the specs.

All pointers seem to lead to the the Godox Li-ion powered X-Pro as best for my X H2. Your response and reccomendation just reaffirmed my choice, and then to top it off, just this early morning while taking photos of nesting Osprey, a fellow photographer came by and I asked him what his opinion was regarding flash for my particular H-2, and he being a Canon man told me that he felt the Godox Pro would probably be my best bet.

Thank you George, and a thank you to this forum also!

John - Milford, MI 48381


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No worries John, a pleasure. From the on-camera flashes, the ones with Li-Ion accus are the V860II, V860III, V1, V1Pro. Make sure you get the “F” versions for Fujifilm.

The 350, 685 are powered by AA batteries, avoid these. But recently, rechargeable Li-Ion accus in the size and shape of AA batterries are a thing so that might change the previous statement if someone needs a smaller or cheaper flash than the ones in the first paragraph. 

Also, if you buy the remote control, X-ProII or X3, you need the “F” versions. You can add studio flashes to this system, also portable Li-Ion ones like the AD-200, they will work with the remote no matter which version (Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm) you have, so if you also use another camera you just buy the corresponding remote and the flashes will work. 

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