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autofocus flaw


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Recently I had an extremely deceiving experience with my brand new X-T5 (with 18-55mm lens). At continuous auto focus with  face/eye detection settings I had about 90% miss. With all the positive reviews on the net about the X-T5 it was kind of disturbing. Here is an example where everything is out of focus. https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/13ax1y2lmul4x4gf0ilod/DSCF3649.jpg?rlkey=lxj64hr5nix63x9wfzb04z8k3&st=okhz47uk&dl=0

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I recently took some studio portraits using eye detection with auto eye selection. I didn't have one failure. There is either something wrong with the camera or lens, or more likely, an incorrect setting. Check all the relevant settings and test. Are you sure you didn't accidentally move the focus lever to manual? It's easily done. Or you might have left one of the special focus modes (animals etc) selected.

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