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What does XT-2 offer over the XT-20?


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- Buttons like dedicated ISO dial, metering, shooting mode etc.

- Viewfinder magnification (0,77 vs 0,62)

- Horizontal tilt of LCD screen

- Joystick for focus selection (instead of touchscreen though)

- Dual SD card slots (vs 1 slot)

- UHS II support (vs UHS I)

- 1/8000 mechanical shutter (vs 1/4000) 

- 1/250 sync speed (vs 1/180)

- Buffer size (@8 fps JPEG: 83 vs 62 frames, Lossless compression RAW: 33 vs 25 frame Uncompressed RAW: 27 vs 23 frames)

- Boost mode / vertical grip advantages: headphone jack, 11 fps mechanical shutter, 30min 4K, 100 fps viewfinder, AF speed, blackout time, shutter time lag, shooting interval (see here)


Looks like a long list, but considering the price and the fact that there are no differences in image quality, it is a really good value deal.

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I agree with Opeteron. There are a some differences that will be important to a few people, but for most it appears the X-T20 is an extremely capable camera at a bargain price. Looks like weather sealing was left off the list, but that should be there too. I think it would be difficult to justify the price difference between the X-T20 and X-T2 for most people.

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Wasn't that the same discussion with the X-T1 and the X-T10?

It may have been, I don't recall. There was more time between the releases that I don't think it would have impacted the sales of the X-T1 too much. To me, this one becomes more meaningful because the release timing is closer, people are still waiting for the X-T2 to be in stock, and for many the specs are more than they need.
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If I was looking to upgrade it would be a very tough decision between the T2 and T20


The WR is no big deal (but nice) but the ISO dial and duel UHS II cards would be nice.


Here in the UK the T20 is up for pre-order at £799 and the T2 is £1399, that is a massive difference in price, does the T20


Does anyone know if the HSS of the EF-X500 works with the T20

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I don't think you would shoot a wedding with the X-t20, because it only has 1 card slot. Most people prefer to use the other slot as a backup.

In theory you could use WIFI to back up. But the real reason we'd not use a T-T20 for a professional wedding shoot is that the T20 lacks that one essential feature for a pro.



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I think it's all a matter of what you care about. How I interact with the camera is very important to me. I switched from Canon to Nikon years ago because I found the Nikon controls and menus to be more intuitive. And I switched from Nikon to the Fuji XT-1 (and now XT-2) because I loved having physical controls (dials and buttons) on the camera for most everything I'd want to adjust. The fact that the XT-20 takes aways some of those controls would be the deal-breaker for me. For that reason, if cost was a primary driver, I'd get a used XT-1 before I got a new XT-20.

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