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I am considering buying a X-T1. Actually, I am convinced about its capabilities and I am already in love with its "look and feel" (I handled it in a store nearby), I only need the stars to be aligned and money to come in my account.


I want to ask you a (probably) stupid question: are there any rumours / signs about a new generation of high-end camera from Fujifilm? X-T10 is nice, but a deal braker for me is the lack of mettering dial. Is X-T2 somewhere on the horizont?



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No, nothing in sight for the moment. I think that until the X-PRO2 will come out in late 2015 we won't heard any

rumors on a successor of the X-T1. The X-T2 in 2016? Maybe, maybe not. I don't think we will see an X-T2 anytime soon.

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January will be exactly 2 years after the first releas of the T... but it would stil be 8 month from now, if you think you can wait until that

date, go for it. The problem with electronics is that there is always something better coming shortly after :rolleyes:


But as you said 2016 isn't so close

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I still have Canon 5D Mark III's and a ton of glass with no intention of getting rid of it, but I purchased an X-T1 and now, several lenses.  The lenses are ultimately the reason you invest in the system.  The bodies will keep coming if the lenses are worth a darn.  I think they are.  I enjoy shooting my X-T1 and X100T, but I still have a Fujifilm wish list that includes a flash system, better AF and tracking, even better EVF to name a few.  The pros of the system are the size and weight, image quality (sensor & lenses), and it is simply fun to use.  I enjoy photography; for me, not for anyone else.  It really does not matter what "brand" I use if I like the results I get.

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      Hello Guys

      My name is Amir, I'm a Photographer from Iran.
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